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Schematics of the Archos Jukebox 6000 (aka Studio)

Very dated, very incomplete, but it was a big help back then.

Schematics of the Archos Jukebox Recorder V1

Very dated, very incomplete, but it was a big help back then.

Schematics of the iriver iHP-120

These are the preliminary (they will probably always be preliminary smile schematics drawn by LinusNielsenFeltzing from the analysis of the iHP-120 PCB.

For reference, there are also schematics available for the Motorola Coldfire Evaluation board.


2005-06-18 - LinusNielsenFeltzing - New versions uploaded, added audio interfaces

Schematics of the iriver H320

Very preliminary schematics for the H300 series.

Schematics of the Remoclone for Archos players

Schematics of the iAudio X5 Charging Circuit

This is a very crude handdrawn schematic version 2. I'll pop it into Protel later when I get the time. But it does give you a very handy overview of the circuit where it's possible to charge from 2 different sources. Either by USB or normal charger. Also refer to the pinout located here on the wiki site. I made this since I got a X5 in where the owner had connected a Samsung charger, and of course boooom pooff smoke. The schotkky diode and Q7 was burned out, after they were replaced the X5 is now charging again.

Note that the connections made far left in the schematics is the PCF50606 PMU, datasheet for this can also be found elsewhere on wiki.

-- NiclasNielsen - 25 Jan 2006

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