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Port Status

driver status comments
LCD 90% No inverse and other fancy stuff.
Backlight 100% Working.
Buttons 100% Working.
SD 90% Basicaly works. DMA handling is suboptimal. Needs more testing.
NAND 10% Low level driver part is reverse engineered. The work on reverse engineer FTL scheme is started.
PCM 100% Working.
Codec 100% Working.
ADC 100% Working.
USB 90% The driver is not yet merged see patch on gerrit. There are still some minor issues to be solved and more testing is needed
Power managment 90% Battery readout & charge working but not calibrated.



  • Extract the rockbox build ( on sd card of your device.
  • Download and install PowerISO. Free unregistered version would be enough. Or you can use any analagous program, which could edit image files with FAT filesystem.
  • Open OF image file MA9*.img (file located in archive in Image folder) in PowerISO program.
  • Copy BASE.RKW file from SYSTEM folder in image to the .rockbox folder on sd card.
  • Replace BASE.RKW in OF image with bootloader.rkw (Rename booloader.rkw to BASE.RKW and replace original BASE.RKW in SYSTEM and SYSTEM00 folders).
  • Save changes and put derived IMG file into internal storage of your player via RK27Upgrade_Image.exe.

How to use RK27Upgrad_Image.exe

  • Connect the device through USB cable with PC, and enter to the “USB mass storage” mode.
  • “RK27 MSC Device” will be found, see area (5).
  • Press “Switch” button (button (2)) to switch to “RK27 Loader Device” mode, if this is the first time, you will need to install the driver for RK27Loader Device.
  • Select the new firmware by pressing the button (4).
  • Press “Upgrade” button(button (1)) to reflash the device, you can see following messages:

After succesfull reflashing the MA9 player will turn ON automatically (if you don’t unplug the USB cable from PC after reflsahing for the first time it loads the OF because of the automatic dual-boot function). To run the rockbox software just unplug MA9 from PC and reboot it (turn the OFF and ON correspondingly)


  • Download original firmware (OF)
  • Boot OF on the MA9 player (turn on device by pressing POWER + any other button or by inserting USB cable)
  • Flash the OF via RK27Upgrade_Image.exe software.
  • Safely eject your player.
  • Shutdown device.
  • Boot OF by turning the unit ON

-- AndrewRyabinin - 16 May 2013

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