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Port Status

driver status comments
LCD 90% No inverse and other fancy stuff.
Backlight 100% Working.
Buttons 100% Working.
SD 90% Basicaly works. DMA handling is suboptimal. Needs more testing.
NAND 10% Low level driver part is reverse engineered. The work on reverse engineer FTL scheme is started.
PCM 100% Working.
Codec 100% Working.
ADC 100% Working.
USB 90% The driver is not yet merged see patch on gerrit. There are still some minor issues to be solved and more testing is needed
Power managment 90% Battery readout & charge working but not calibrated.
USB DAC (602/603/801) 100% Working
Coaxial DAC (801) 0% Not tested


Download original firmware (OF) and unpack archive:

HM-601: HM-601 V0.11

HM-602: HM-602 V0.11

HM-603: HM-603 V0.06, HM-603 V0.07

HM-801: HM-801 V0.21

Download bootloader: HM-60x, HM-801.

Download rockbox build: HM-60x, HM-801.

Installation using mkrk27boot

  • Download mkrk27boot.
  • Connect your device to PC via USB cable.
  • Extract the rockbox build (rockbox-hifimanhm*.zip) on sd card of your device.
  • Patch original firmware using mkrk27boot. Place patched firmware to internal storage of your device and BASE.RKW file to .rockbox folder on sd card.
    • ./mkrk27boot <path_to_orginal_firmware> <path_to_bootloader.rkw> <path_to_patched_firmware> <path_to_BASE.RKW>

      Example (Windows):
      mkrk27boot.exe HM-601.IMG bootloader.rkw E:\HM-601.IMG F:\.rockbox\BASE.RKW

      Example (Linux):
      ./mkrk27boot HM-601.IMG bootloader.rkw /mnt/flash/HM-601.IMG /mnt/sdcard/.rockbox/BASE.RKW

  • Safely eject your device and reboot it.

Alternative way


  • Extract the rockbox build (rockbox-hifimanhm*.zip) on sd card of your device.
  • Create "img" directory and mount OF image file to it
    • mkdir -p /mnt/img
    • mount -o loop <model name>.IMG /mnt/img
  • Copy BASE.RKW file from OF image to .rockbox folder on sd card
    • cp /mnt/img/SYSTEM/BASE.RKW /mnt/sd/.rockbox/
  • Replace BASE.RKW in OF with bootloader.rkw
    • cp bootloader.rkw /mnt/img/SYSTEM/BASE.RKW
    • cp bootloader.rkw /mnt/img/SYSTEM00/BASE.RKW
  • Unmount OF image file
    • umount /mnt/img
  • Put '*.IMG' file to internal storage of your device
  • Reboot your device

  • Extract the rockbox build (rockbox-hifimanhm*.zip) on sd card of your device.
  • Download and install PowerISO. Free unregistered version would be enough. Or you can use any analagous program, which could edit image files with FAT filesystem.
  • Open OF image file (HM-601.IMG, HM-801,... ) in PowerISO program.
  • Copy BASE.RKW file from SYSTEM folder in image to the .rockbox folder on sd card.
  • Replace BASE.RKW in OF image with bootloader.rkw (Rename booloader.rkw to BASE.RKW and replace original BASE.RKW in SYSTEM and SYSTEM00 folders).
  • Save changes and put derived IMG file into internal storage of your player.
  • Reboot your player


  • Download original firmware (OF)
  • Boot OF (turn on device by pressing POWER + any other button or by inserting USB cable)
  • Unzip file to internal storage of your device
  • Safely eject your player.
  • Shutdown device
  • Boot OF

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