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WARNING! Some of new HM-601 Slim have another type of display. Driver for such display is not implemented, so if you see only white screen after boot, follow uninstallation instructions on this page below

Port Status

driver status comments
LCD 50% Works in bypass mode. No dma transfers (so updates are sloooow), no inverse and other fancy stuff.
Backlight 100% Working.
Buttons 90% Not working hold button. Other buttons works fine.
SD 90% Basicaly works. DMA handling is suboptimal. Needs more testing.
NAND 0% Not implemented
PCM 100% Working.
Codec 100% Working.
ADC 100% Working.
USB 5% The USB core has some weird scheme of supporting control packets. Some requests seems to be handled purely in hardware which doesn't quite fit rockbox usbstack concept.
Power managment 90% Battery readout & charge working but not calibrated.
USB DAC (602/603/801) 100% Working
Coaxial DAC (801) 0% Not tested


Download original firmware (OF) and unpack archive:

HM-601: HM-601 V0.10

HM-602: HM-602 V0.06

HM-603: HM-603 V0.05

HM-801: HM-801 V0.21

Download bootloader: HM-60x, HM-801.

Download rockbox build: HM-60x, HM-801.


  • Extract the rockbox build (rockbox-hifimanhm*.zip) on sd card of your device.
  • Create "img" directory and mount OF image file to it
    • mkdir -p /mnt/img
    • mount -o loop <model name>.IMG /mnt/img
  • Copy BASE.RKW file from OF image to .rockbox folder on sd card
    • cp /mn/img/SYSTEM/BASE.RKW /mnt/sd/.rockbox/
  • Replace BASE.RKW in OF with bootloader.rkw
    • cp bootloader.rkw /mnt/img/SYSTEM/BASE.RKW
    • cp bootloader.rkw /mnt/img/SYSTEM00/BASE.RKW
  • Unmount OF image file
    • umount /mnt/img
  • Put '*.IMG' file to internal storage of your device
  • Reboot your device

  • Extract the rockbox build (rockbox-hifimanhm*.zip) on sd card of your device.
  • Download and install PowerISO. Free unregistered version would be enough. Or you can use any analagous program, which could edit image files with FAT filesystem.
  • Open OF image file (HM-601.IMG, HM-801,... ) in PowerISO? program.
  • Copy BASE.RKW file from SYSTEM folder in image to the .rockbox folder on sd card.
  • Replace BASE.RKW in OF image with bootloader.rkw (Rename booloader.rkw to BASE.RKW and replace original BASE.RKW in SYSTEM and SYSTEM00 folders).
  • Save changes and put derived IMG file into internal storage of your player.
  • Reboot your player


  • Download original firmware (OF)
  • Boot OF (turn on device by pressing POWER + any other button or by inserting USB cable)
  • Unzip file to internal storage of your device
  • Safely eject your player.
  • Shutdown device
  • Boot OF

-- AndrewRyabinin? - 10 Mar 2012
r6 - 01 May 2012 - 10:47:55 - AndrewRyabinin?

Copyright by the contributing authors.