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iAudio M3 Information


Cowon makes three different models of the M3:

The M3 20GB, a slim, featureful hard disk drive player with no LCD on the main unit and a remote.

The M3L 20GB is the same as the M3 20GB, except with a 35-hour lithium-ion battery.

The M3 40GB is the same as the M3 20GB, except with a 40GB hard drive.

See also IaudioM3HardwareComponents.

Board scans

Note: The unit in these scans is the M3L.

Main Unit:
M3L_mainboard_A-HiRes_thumb.jpg M3L_mainboard_B-HiRes_thumb.jpg
Big (650x1081, 690 KB) Big (650x1053, 599 KB)
Bigger (1200x1996, 1.7 MB) Bigger (1200x1944, 1.4 MB)
Huge (2872x4776, 4.9 MB) Huge (2926x4741, 5.8 MB)


Identical to the X5 except the FM chip is a 201 model.
M3L_plugboard_A_thumb.jpg M3L_plugboard_B_thumb.jpg
Big (650x207, 196 KB) Big (650x212, 164 KB)
Bigger (1200x382, 480 KB) Bigger (1200x391, 399 KB)
Huge (2792x888, 1.5 MB) Huge (2796x912, 1.3 MB)

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