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The Rockbox iAudio X5/M5/M3 port


Full installation and uninstallation instructions for all supported devices are in the Rockbox manual. M3 instructions are the same as M5/X5 apart from the firmware file name.


The iAudio X5 and M5 have a built-in bootloader which performs the firmware updates and can also access the hard drive via USB. Therefore, the Rockbox bootloader can be very minimalistic, not requiring a USB mode. This also makes it less dangerous to install the Rockbox bootloader, as you can always restore the original by using the iAudio bootloader. The current bootloader is not prepared to coexist with the original firmware. It replaces the original firmware. The mostly-orphaned iAudio bootloader page is here.


There are currently simulators for all Rockbox compatible devices. A simulator can be useful for seeing what Rockbox looks and feels like before installing as well as testing out your homemade themes before putting them on your player. They can be found here.

Rockbox Status

At present:

  • LCD driver DONE
  • Font rendering DONE
  • Backlight DONE
  • ATA driver ALERT! 99% (no coldstart detection yet)
  • PCF50606 driver (I2C) DONE
  • PCF50606 driver (RTC) DONE
  • ADC driver (PCF50606) DONE
  • Button driver (ADC) DONE
  • Remote button driver (ADC) DONE
  • USB handler DONE
  • Power handling ALERT! 10%
  • I2C driver DONE
  • Remote LCD driver DONE
  • Audio ADC/DAC driver DONE
  • FM Radio driver DONE
  • USB OTG driver ALERT! 1% (Puts the OTG chip to sleep)

Additional work:

  • Reverse engineer USBOTG dataflow and try to write a driver.

Hardware Details

Sound Response Curve on the iAudio X5


  • Green is the Cowon firmware frequency response
  • White is the Rockbox frequency response

Original Firmware Information

Here's some information about the memory layout of the X5 firmware (version 2.07-e):

Name Base Address Used
Preloader 0x00000000  
Firmware 0x00010000  
OF's resources 0x00170000  
OF's config 0x003F0000  
IRAM 0x10000000  
CS1/GPIO1 0x20000000 *  
USB controller ? 0x20004000 *  
LCD command register 0x20008000 *  
LCD data register 0x20008002 *  
CS2/IDE 0x20020000  
SDRAM 0x30000000  
Exception vector table 0x30C00000  
MBAR 0x40000000 DONE
MBAR2 0x80000000 DONE

The M3 firmware (version 1.35-e) seems to use the same memory layout except for the items marked * which do not apply for the M3.

DONE Hex-address is used in RockBox source

See IaudioX5FirmwareDisassembly and IaudioReverseEngineering for more information.

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