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Information gathered from iaudio X5 OF disassembly


General Info

This part of firmware resides from 0x00000000 to 0x00010000 and never changes. It is a single-threaded program that handles the following tasks:
  1. Device initialization.
  2. USB HDD mode.
  3. Adapter/USB charge mode.
  4. Firmware upgrade.
  5. Executing the actual firmware (i.e., jmp 0x10000).

General Code Flow

  • Initialization steps 1 & 2
  • If USB and/or AC adapter is connected, go to Initialization step 3; otherwise, go to Initialization step 4.

Initialization, step 1

  • Internal ColdFire registers: sp, vbr, cacr, acr0, acr1, mbar, mbar2, rambar0, rambar1
  • Various registers on MBAR and MBAR2 (interrupts, timers, DMA, IIS_CONFIGs, EBU_CONFIGs)
  • GPIO out/enable/function registers
    GPIO 0x40200018 0x60A0E018 0x6FA1E179
    GPIO1 0x4830 0x483C 0x483C
  • DRAM controller
  • PLL_CONFIG (to 0x11436059)
  • Chip Select 0
  • Copy rest of preloader to DRAM

Initialization, step 2

  • UART0
  • LCD
  • I2C controller (interface 1 only)
  • PCF50606
  • CY7C68310

Initialization, step 3 (USB and/or AC adapter connected)

  • Remote LCD detect & init
  • Turn of backlight and display boot screen
  • If USB is connected:
    • ATA init & reset
    • HDD identify & init
    • Partition table & FAT32 init
    • Set slow CPU freq (PLL_CONFIG = 0x10422035) and adjust UART divider (32)
    • Enter ATA bridge mode
  • If AC adapter is connected:
    • ATA init & reset
    • HDD identify & init
    • Partition table & FAT32 init

Initialization, step 4 (neither USB nor AC adapter connected)

  • ATA init & reset
  • Jump to firmware (at 0x10000)

To be continued...


General Info

This part of firmware resides from 0x00010000 to ~0x019D0000 and can be upgraded.

It has two parts:
  • the first is composed of ~18 data and/or code segments, most of which are cached to IRAM/DRAM.
  • the second contains read-only data (images, remote images, text strings, ...) and begins at 0x01700000. H3Mod changes things here.

To be continued...

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