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Icon Sets


These icon sets are to be used with Rockbox's loadable icon functionality, described in further detail in the CustomIcons wiki page. Please upload them as a .zip file with, at a minimum, a config in the /.rockbox/themes folder and the replacement icons. If you've extended beyond the basic viewers icons, do not forget the .icons file.


Download and unzip the Inconset zip file to the root of your player. From the Rockbox Main Menu , browse to Settings > Theme Settings > Browse Themes and click on the icons theme that you wish to install

Packaged Icon Sets

This is a zip that I put together that will easily put all the iconsets on your player. Includes the complete set of the gallery as of April 29 2007. The zip includes the appropriate theme files so that each set can be loaded from the browse themes menu. To install, just extract the zip to the root of your player.

Individual Icon Sets

Tango 20x16x16

This theme uses the icons from the tango library ( adapted for use in Rockbox. They are released under the creative commons share-alike license (not sure if this is GPL compatible). The included .cfg file will set your font to jackash-16 to accommodate for the increased icon size. If you're using another font that you would rather use, simply reselect it afterwards.


-- WillRobertson - 16 Apr 2007

Tango 12x12x16

This theme uses icons from the "Tango Desktop Project" ( and from "Jakub Steiner" (

-- ChristophReiter - 13 June 2007

  • screenshot of tango_small_grayscale:

-- GuillaumeCocatreZilgien - 15 Aug 2013

Tango 12x12x16 Grayscale

This theme is based on the Tango 12x12x16 theme of ChristophReiter (look above), but manually redrawn for grayscale players. I especially designed it to replace the standard icons in my iRiver H120, so it uses a 4-grayscale palette. The font used in the screenshot is nimbus-13.fnt, but it should probably work with other fonts with at least 12px height.

I have included a black/white version of the icons, which is used for the remote control. Of course, they could also be used standalone on a b/w player.

-- KaiHelbig - 12 Dec 2007

BuufNano 12x12x16

The Buuf theme from

It works better with the included background, because icons were anti-aliased with that color as background.

The image below has four columns. This is only to compactly show how the icons look like. In the attached zip files they are organised in one column as they should.


-- FedericoCorradino - 20 Apr 2007

elisherer 16x16x16


-- EliSherer - 06 Jun 2007

elisherer 12x13

A smaller version of the above icons:


-- EliSherer - 06 Jun 2007

Silk 18x17x16

Silk iconset, based on the icons that can be found at
The Rockbox logo is a vectorial remake of that seen in the forums and can be found at
Below, see the difference between aliased icons, with transparent (magenta) background (left) and the anti-aliased icons with white background:

  • silk.18x17x16.bmp: Silk iconset with transparent background (18x17 px)
  • silk.18x17x16.rbyellow.bmp: Silk iconset with yellow background (18x17 px)
  • silk.18x17x16.white.bmp: Silk iconset with white background (18x17 px)
  • silk.png: Silk PNG iconset with transparent background, for applying custom background colour. (18x17 px)
  • silkS.png: Shrinked silk PNG iconset with transparent background, for applying custom background colour. Works well with 12px fonts. (15x14px)

-- StefanSaftescu - 17 Apr 2007

SilkNano 12x12x16

This theme uses icons from silk theme reduced to use with small screen players.

It works better with the included background, because icons were anti-aliased with that color as background.


-- FedericoCorradino - 18 Apr 2007

Default Remakes 6x8x16

Inverted for users with dark backgrounds:

Colourized for users with colour bitmap LCDs:

-- PascalBriehl - 21 Apr 2007

Oxygen 12x12x16 and 16x16x16

AmaroK menu AmaroK menu

Oxygen icons as seen in KDE4 packaged for ROCKbox, credit for these goes to the KDE and Oxygen teams (

Both 12x12 and 16x16 sets are included as well as appropriate icon-switcher .cfg files. The .zip Installs the same as a rockbox build.


Source .psd (Photoshop) file

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attributio-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

-- GaryLight - 07 Sep 2008

asian clip+ 12x12x1

Preview (with asian clip+ theme):


Full icon set:


A simple black/white icon set made for the Clip and Clip+ platforms, meant to complement the "asian clip+" theme. Licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0. To use these icons, select the theme "asianclip-icons".

-- JackZhou - 21 Nov 2010

  • Asianclip icon set, grayscale (rgb 555555), for color targets. Used by the Googley themes. The vertical alignment of the "settings" icon has been fixed.

  • Screenshot of Asianclip_555555:

-- GuillaumeCocatreZilgien - 15 Aug 2013

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