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Ipod Flash


The ipods supported by Rockbox have the following flash chips (based on information in

Ipod Model Flash chip Capacity More Info
3rd Generation Sharp LH28F800BGHB-TTL90 1MB  
4th Generation      
Color/Photo SST SST39VF800A 1MB Datasheet
Mini 1st Gen SST SST39VF800A 1MB Datasheet
Mini 2nd Gen      
Nano SST SST39WF400A* 512KB* Datasheet
Video SST SST39VF800A 1MB Datasheet

* The Nano's 512KB flash is mapped to both memory location 0x0 and 0x80000 - in effect making it look like a 1MB flash, but with the second half the same as the first.

Apple's flash code

The Apple code in flash contains the first-stage bootloader, plus two self-contained "application images" - diskmode and diagmode. These are copied to RAM by the bootloader and then executed when the appropriate key combination is detected at boottime by the bootloader.

The contents of the flash can be dumped to disk using the "Dump ROM contents" entry in the Rockbox debug menu. This will create a file in the root called internal_rom_000000-0FFFFF.bin

The flashsplit program can be used to extract the diskmode and diagmode images from such a dump.

I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment flashsplit.c manage 5.0 K 01 Aug 2007 - 14:58 DaveChapman Program to extract diskmode.ipod and diagmode.ipod from an ipod flash dump
r5 - 02 Apr 2021 - 20:46:06 - UnknownUser

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