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Linux on the iPod

Yes, they made Linux run on the iPod: The Rockbox iPod port uses pieces of the iPodLinux source code and would most likely not exist without it.

The Differences between iPodLinux and Rockbox

  • Rockbox means to be a full stand-alone firmware replacement. iPodLinux is Linux on the iPod with a music player (Podzilla) that plays music.

  • Rockbox has its own operating system (kernel), iPodLinux uses the Linux kernel.

  • Rockbox is smaller and faster than iPodLinux, but iPodLinux very well known, very well tested and offers a multitude of more services and features.

  • Rockbox works on a larger variety of portable music players.

  • Rockbox seems to have more active developers.

  • Rockbox started before iPodLinux.

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