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Rockbox-on-iPod Installer for Mac OS X


Rockbox on the iPod is in a very early stage of development - so expect a few rough edges. It is functional on the iPod Color/Photo (those are the regular-sized iPods with color screens that are NOT capable of video playback), the "4G" grayscale iPod (the one with the clickwheel), the iPod Nano 1st gen and the iPod Video (5G). THIS INSTALLER IS ONLY FOR iPOD VIDEO! I might get around to make one for the other...less important generations big grin

As far as i know this installer works, i installed it for my iPod Video. If it doesn't and/or breaks your iPod i take no responsibility for it..Your problem


This installer assumes your iPod is FAT32, if it isn't goto This Page Here for Instructions


OK lets get started!

Step One) Download the program from the bottom.
Download the correct from the current builds page.

Step Two) Open the program and follow along with it...

Step Three) Wait a whats your favorite book?

Step Four) The installer should be done (if you followed the instructions)

Step Five) Open Terminal and type:
"unzip -d /path/to/iPod"
"cd path/to/your/iPod"
"mv Rockbox.ipod .rockbox"

Step Six) Quit, Eject, Stare at your iPod with amazement


If you have any Problems or Feedback post it at This Forum


This installer has been provided by Virtualball

This application was made with Applescript and should work on most (if not all) versions of Mac OS X. I would give you the source, but i dont think i saved it big grin If needed, i will make it again (it took about 5 minutes :-P)


I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
RockBox.zipzip manage 71.6 K 26 Feb 2006 - 21:46 BrandonSmith My Applescript App to Install RB on Video iPod
r5 - 10 Feb 2007 - 19:02:17 - DavidHall

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