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Rockbox Status for Ipod Models

Known issues (1G-3G models)

%W% USER FEEDBACK NEEDED : Rockbox works with audio playback on the 3G iPod, but is still far behind the other iPod versions - please post your experiences here.

3G Ipod, 15GB -- MichaelMoore? - 15 Sep 2007
  • Ogg is playing fine. Haven't played with mp3s yet.
  • Using Banshee under Ubuntu Gutsy Linux allows me to use USB Mass Storage mode

3G Ipod, 20GB
  • Playback
    • FLAC: All good (cpu at 30MHZ mostly), compression level 8
    • MP3 (192kbit/s) : Occasional buffer underrun (a few times per song), cpu at 75MHZ
    • OGG (500kbit/s): Constant buffer underrun (every 10 or so seconds), cpu at 75MHZ
  • Other
    • SCROLL: sometimes unresponsive, most of the time sluggish when playing. Not sluggish when stopped (I believe this probably due to to the CPU usage.
    • SHUTDOWN: Doesn't work, will lockup with "shutting down" message
    • USB: Not detected, will not go into "disk mode" as other ipod (tried 5th gen) do. Only way to transfer files is to boot into apple firmware and connect it to computer then.
    • LOCKUP: Will lockup randomly, This has been experienced with FLAC playback so far.

3G iPod, 40GB (-- PhilippeBoineau - 07 Mar 2007)
  • Playback
    • FLAC : ok (FLAC 1.1.4, compression level 8)
  • Other
    • help Shutdown problem (since daily build 20070222)
    • LOCKUP : iPod 3G randomly lockup during FLAC playback.

Known issues (4G models and higher)

The following table lists the known bugs and unimplemented features of the iPod port. Please do not add generic Rockbox bugs here.

Description of bug Affected iPods Comments
Battery life is significantly less than the Apple firmware All but 1st...3rd Gen The power consumption problem has not been fixed on other models. See IpodRuntime
I hear skipping when playing some audio files All This is due to the CPU not decoding the audio track fast enough. The solution is to optimise these codecs to decode more efficiently and/or start using the iPod's second CPU for some tasks. See Audio Codecs Current status
The UI sometimes becomes sluggish All CPU intensive tasks such as audio decoding, running plugins and using the software EQ can cause the UI to become sluggish. Ways to minimise the effect of this are being investigated.
Remote Control doesn't work All The iPod serial interface has not been ported from iPodLinux yet. The platform-specific serial communication protocol, Apple Accessories Protocol, is now well documented.
Click Wheel not fully implemented All No click sound played when click wheel is used.
Occasional Freezes Photo,4g,mini System needs rebooting every once in a while. This occasionally happens with the 5G/5.5G video as well.

To-do List

The following table lists the outstanding tasks remaining before the ipod port of Rockbox can be considered complete. The "Assigned to" column indicates the names of developers who have expressed an interest in working on this feature.

General tasks

Task Status Comments Assigned to
RoLo Buggy RoLo does not currently restart the coprocessor properly. Separately to this, RoLoing the original firmware does not work DanielAnkers / DaveChapman
Recording In progress Basic recording functionality (line-in and mic on the 4g and Color/Photo, line-in only on the 5g) is working and is in CVS but is missing important features such as gain control and selection of different samplerates. The current code also breaks playback after a recording is made.  
COP Usage Codec Implemented on COP Currently playback has not been helped as much as would have been hoped by COP usage
Battery Life In progress When running Rockbox, the iPods have a somewhat reduced runtime (see IpodRuntime) compared to the original firmware. Idle power is inline with most retail firmwares, indicating that most unused hardware is probably switched off. However, most codecs are poorly optimized on ARM, and hard disk targets access the disk inefficiently leading to further waste. The 1st-3rd gen iPods have optimized runtime, and we need to figure out how to do the same for the remaining models.  
Accessory Support In Progress A serial port driver has been written and some parts of the Apple accessory protocol are documented. See FS#8624  
DMA Not started The PP502x DMA hardware has been documented, but is not used. See FS# 8830  
USB Disk Mode In progress Rockbox currently reboots into Apple's "emergency disk mode" when a USB connection is detected. Ideally this should be replaced by a native disk mode in Rockbox. An in-progress USB stack for PortalPlayer targets is being implemented.  
Firewire support Not started All iPods apart from the Nano and 5g can act as external firewire hard drives, and all ipods can charge via firewire. Currently Rockbox doesn't have any specific support for firewire connections, but the hardware charges via firewire automatically.  
Better wheel support In progress Rockbox currently only has a very basic driver for the scroll/click-wheel. An improved driver with support for wheel acceleration is available in the patch tracker see FS#7738 - Scrollwheel acceleration for iPOD (ported from Sansa) (this patch has been committed to svn) for more details.  
Flash support Not started All iPods have a 1MB flash ROM containing the Apple bootloader, the emergency disk mode application, and the diagnostics mode application. Replacing this code would allow far faster booting time into Rockbox, and the option to the run RomBox (Rockbox running directly from flash). However, doing so would require Rockbox to fully initialise the hardware on boot (it currently relies on some initialisations performed by Apple's bootloader) and failed flashing attempts would result in a bricked ipod. See IpodFlash.  

Model-specific tasks

Task Status Comments Assigned to
Greyscale library In progress On the non-iPod targets with mono or greyscale LCDs, Rockbox has a "greyscale library" capable of displaying more than the native number of shades of grey on the LCD. Porting of this library is required in order for the JPEG viewer, some demo plugins and Doom to run on those iPods.  
TV-Out (Photo/Color) Not started The Photo/Color iPods have a TV-Out capability (a third ring in the headphone socket). It is unknown how to control this hardware, but the ipodlinux wiki states that these iPods contain an Analog Devices ADV7179 NTSC/PAL Video Encoder.  
TV-Out (5g) Not started The 5g also has a TV-Out capability, but this is likely to be different to the Photo/Color and connected directly to the Broadcom chip to allow video playback.  
5g Broadcom chip Not started The 5g iPod has a Broadcom BCM2722 video decoder/processor which is used for video playback. Rockbox currently makes no use of this chip.  
3g USB Not Started The 3G ought to have the same USB behaviour as later generations (i.e. reboots into disk mode on USB insert.)  
r68 - 01 Jul 2008 - 05:50:10 - SeanChauvin

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