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iriver FAQ

If your question is not answered here it most likely has been dealt with in the main General Rockbox FAQ

General Questions

iRiver or iriver?

They used to use the weird casing like iRiver but in recent years they changed it to plain 'iriver' (using all lowercase) and we are (or should be) using the latter format as much as possible for consistency.

What iriver players does Rockbox support?

No version of Rockbox has been officially released yet for the iriver line of players.

Rockbox supports the H100 and H300 and H10 series, and development has begun on the iFP series as well.

To try Rockbox on your iriver, follow the installation directions found in the manual:

Questions About Installation and Getting Started

How do I install/uninstall Rockbox?

Step-by-step instructions for installing Rockbox on all supported platforms can be found in the manual: Here

Does the Rockbox bootloader work with 1.31K (Korean version)?

No, the current Rockbox bootloader has not been tested together with the 1.31K firmware.

Will my H3Mod skinned firmware work with Rockbox?

Yes. First you download a clean firmware file. Then you patch it with the bootloader program. (fwpatcher.exe) After this, you run it through H3Mod and apply your skin to the patched firmware.

I've installed Rockbox, but I want to use the iriver firmware. Do I need to uninstall Rockbox and re-flash to iriver?

No. Rockbox has a dual-boot feature. To boot to the iriver firmware instead of Rockbox: H1x0 and H3x0: Hold the REC button and press and hold the ON button. To return to Rockbox, turn off the player and turn it back on without holding REC. H10: Press and hold the <-- button then press the power button, do not release <-- until the OF's loading screen shows up. To return to Rockbox, turn off the device, reset it (to fully power it off; remove the battery for the 5/6 GB models, or use a long, thin object, such as a paper clip, to press the reset button in the tiny hole at the top of the device for the 20GB models), then power on the device without holding the <-- button.

I've installed Rockbox, but I want to use the iriver firmware. How can I do this?

The iriver is a fully functioning dual boot port. If you followed the directions contained in the manual you should have no problems booting into the original firmware.

Rockbox Feature Questions

Will Rockbox have SRS WOW like the iriver firmware?

SRS WOW - NO. SRS is a patented technology, so it is unlikely that it will be implemented in Rockbox. Rockbox already supports a 5 band, fully parametric equalizer. It is possible that SRS WOW LIKE sound effects will be implemented, but it will require knowledgeable coders who are motivated to write such a feature (that could be you!).

Can I modify the images in the iriver firmware? What about in Rockbox?

If you wish to modify the images of the iriver firmware, you should do so after having patched the firmware with the Rockbox bootloader. This is the only way to do it if you're using the fwpatcher, and the most sensible way if you're not. See the Rockbox Installation Instructions for more information on using fwpatcher.

The Rockbox While Playing Screen (also known as the "WPS") currently supports display of 1 bit (i.e., black and white) bitmap images. For more information on creating a WPS, see the CustomWPS and WpsGallery pages. Work is underway to enable the use of 2 bit (i.e., 4 color gray) bitmap images.

Has the recording glitch been fixed?

Yes, the recording feature in Rockbox does not have a glitch like the original firmware.

Does recording in Rockbox have the same filesize limitations as the iriver firmware?

No. The file size limit for recording in Rockbox is approximately 2 GB per file. The FAT32 file system imposes a 4 GB limitation on file size. Some applications have difficulty with file sizes greater than 2 GB, so Rockbox limits the file size for recording to 2GB - 1 byte to ensure widescale compatability with other applications. WAV files at 44.1kHz 16 bit stereo consume approximately 8.75 MB per minute, so Rockbox can record for about 3 hours and 23 minutes in a single .WAV file. However, Rockbox has an automatic file split function, so it will continue recording in a new file with no lost audio.

Can Rockbox use the optical output on the H100 series?

Yes. It can be enabled by going to Settings -> General Settings -> Playback -> Optical Output.

Problems/Troubleshooting Questions

Oh no! Rockbox crashed! What do I do?

If you are using a daily build from prior to 7 July 2005, find the reset button on the bottom of your player near the USB port. Use a toothpick or paperclip to gently push the reset button. This will restart your player. If you are using a daily build from 7 July 2005 or later, you should be able to reboot simply by pressing the PLAY button on the side of the iriver. (If this doesn't work, use the reset button).

The original firmware no longer boots, help!

We don't know yet what causes this, but rest assured that your player is not dead. Try the following suggestions:

  1. Try resetting using the reset button at the bottom of your device.
  2. Run scandisk on the drive. On Linux try fsck.vfat -r /dev/sda1 (where sda1 is your iriver device).
  3. Make sure you have charged your battery properly. Leave it charging for a good while and then retry. Simply plugging it in and attempting to boot may not be enough. Rockbox will boot and play music with battery levels significantly lower than are acceptable to the original firmware.
  4. Rockbox has been found corrupting the EEPROM (not flash) where the original firmware stores its settings. First, copy internal_eeprom.bin to the root of your H300. Next, in Rockbox, from the debug menu, choose Write EEPROM. This will overwrite the settings of the original firmware with whatever I had set when I made the dump wink
  5. Try renaming or deleting files on the disk, maybe a file you have created (playlist ?).
  6. Try reformatting the drive. You may have to use a program like Swissknife, or better fat32format to format if you're using Windows XP or 2000 and have a drive larger than 32GB.

It is probably caused by Rockbox doing something that the iriver firmware is not expecting. The EEPROM corruption hasn't been seen lately but is known to crash the original firmware. If you get in a position where the original firmware no longer boots, please report it somewhere and tell us which of the above steps solved it.

I installed Rockbox on my iriver, but it just says "Loading firmware result -1" and turns off.

That means that the Rockbox bootloader is not finding the rockbox.iriver file. Make sure that you have followed the installation instructions, and pay particular attention to the section regarding installation of a daily build or bleeding edge build.

! Why can't I see my "Music" folder?

Unfortunetly, upon booting into the original firmware, the "Music" folder will be hidden. If Rockbox is set to show "supported," any hidden folders will not show up. Solutions are:
  • right click on the folder and deselect the "hidden" attribute.
  • hold the "cancel" button when in the "file viewer" and then change the "show" setting to "all" by scrolling up or down
  • if you boot into the original firmware often, but enjoy having the above setting on anything other than "all" you may want to move all your music into a different folder. eg. "mp3" or "my_music"

CategoryFAQ: Frequently asked questions about the effort to port Rockbox to iriver

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