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iriver FAQ -- H100 Series Specific (H100, H115, H120, H140 and the iHP versions of those)

Questions about installation and getting started

I've installed Rockbox, but I want to use the iriver firmware. Do I need to uninstall Rockbox and re-flash to iriver?

No. Rockbox has a dual-boot feature. To boot to the iriver firmware instead of Rockbox: Hold the REC button while pressing the ON button. To return to Rockbox, turn off the player and turn it back on without holding REC.

How can I clear my settings in Rockbox?

directly after powering the player on press the REC button. Don't press REC before pressing ON as in that case the iriver firmware will start. When the settings get cleared "Cleared" will get displayed.

Questions about Rockbox features

Will Rockbox play video?

No - while it isn't impossible there is nothing worked on to allow playback video on greyscale devices. (For color devices there is PluginMpegplayer.)

Is the FM-tuner be supported?

Yes. Presets are available, Add a preset via the "add" option in the radio menu, and press ON/PLAY button to bring up the list of presets.

r4 - 05 Feb 2008 - 02:25:19 - MarcGuay

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