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iriver FAQ -- H10 Specific Questions

Questions about installation and getting started

I've installed Rockbox, but I want to use the iriver firmware. How can I do?

The H10 is a fully functioning dual boot port. If you followed the directions contained in the manual you should have no problems booting into the original firmware. Simply hold the "cancel" button while booting to get into the original firmware.

How can I clear my settings in Rockbox?

To clear the settings enable the hold switch after starting Rockbox but before the Rockbox logo appears. This will clear all your user settings and revert to safe defaults. In case your player is unusable, try this first.

How do I uninstall Rockbox?

To uninstall Rockbox, delete the folder called .rockbox from the root of your drive. Then rename the original bootloader file, OF.mi4, back to its original name, thus overwriting the other .mi4 file.

Rockbox Feature Questions

Is the FM tuner supported?

Currently the FM tuner isn't supported. It will be in the future.

Problems/Troubleshooting Questions

Why can't I see my "Music" folder?

Unfortunetly, upon booting into the original firmware, the "Music" folder will be hidden. If Rockbox is set to show "supported," any hidden folders will not show up. Solutions are:
  • right click on the folder and deselect the "hidden" attribute.
  • hold the "cancel" button when in the "file viewer" and then change the "show" setting to "all" by scrolling up or down
  • if you boot into the original firmware often, but enjoy having the above setting on anything other than "all" you may want to move all your music into a different folder. eg. "mp3" or "my_music"

Playback is glitchy/skips!

The H10 port is in its' early stages and hasn't been optimized for speed yet. The simplest solution is to choose a WPS without peakmeters, for example iCatcher. Higher bitrate MP3s especially have these problems, as well as higher bitrate AAC files. This is because there is still quite a bit of optimization to be done on the H10 During the decoding of some files, the one core used is at nearly full capacity, which is why you may notice slowness in the menus or adjusting volume. If you have replaygain or equalizer settings enabled, turning them off may improve your playback quality. As well, using a simpler WPS, preferably one without images, may also help considerably.

r7 - 05 Feb 2008 - 02:23:23 - MarcGuay

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