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iriver H10 Information

iriver makes five different models of the H10:


  • H10 5GB MTP
  • H10 5GB UMS
  • H10 6GB MTP
  • H10 6GB UMS
  • H10 20GB MTP
  • H10 Pure
  • H10 Jr.

All have a similar overall appearance.

The H10 20GB uses a 160x128x16bit LCD. The H10 5GB/6GB uses a 128x128x16bit LCD.

The difference between MTP and UMS models is in the firmware. It affects how the H10 is used with a computer. UMS models simply appear as a drive when they are connected to a computer. MTP models use Microsoft's Media Transfer Protocol and are designed to work with Windows Media Player 10. MTP models can be started up in UMS mode by resetting the system and holding the 'O' button while turning it on.

All 5GB and 6GB models look identical. The H10 pure is the same as the 5GB UMS but without the built in radio. The battery is removable on these models. The LCD is in portrait orientation.

The 20GB is only available in a MTP version. It's hardware is almost identical to the other models, except for the larger hard disk and the screen is in landscape orientation.

The H10 Jr. is a completely different 1GB flash based system.

All models except the H10 Jr. look very similar to the iPod Mini, with a color LCD and radio. The LCD is the same as in the iAudio X5 and the radio is the same as in the iriver h300 series.

Board scans

Note: Although the model number are similar (H10-20GB, H10-5GB) the PCBs are quite different.

Main Unit - H10 20GB

pcb_front_small.jpg | pcb_back_small.jpg |

Larger images: Front (1889x2456, 698 KB) | Back (1359x2261, 613KB) |


The FM radio is on the daughterboard.


The LCD looks to be the same as on the iAudio X5. More details at IriverH10HardwareComponents

Main Unit - H10 5GB

H10-5GB.PCB.Front.small.jpg | H10-5GB.PCB.Back.small.jpg |

Larger images: Front | Back |

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