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iriver H10 Jr. Port Page


This page is for information relating to a port of Rockbox to the iriver H10 Jr.

About the hardware

The iriver H10 Jr. is a flash-based player from iriver. It comes in both 512MB and 1GB capacities. It is, in outward appearance, similar to the larger H10's, but internally, it is very different.

The following components are part of the H10 Jr.:

  • Samsung SA58450X01 SoC (ARM9, 200 MHz)
  • Samsung Flash Chip; the chip reads "SAMSUNG 516 K9W8G0SU1M YCBO"
  • Unknown chip near the Samsung ARM; the chip reads "SEC 516 RN75 K4S641633H" (can anyone identify this chip?)
  • Unknown LCD type; "L50504R1-01T" is marked on its frame; the ribbon connector reads "FPC-12080_3-1_62" and has a "VL" logo on it
  • FM chip from Philips; marked "TEA5761UK"

Some pictures of the internal components can be seen here.

Links of Interest

A Closer Look at the H10 Jr.
iriver Firmware Updates
Information on hacking the iriver T10 (most of this information can also apply to the H10 Jr.)

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