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Index page for the iriver H10 Rockbox porting effort

Current Port Status

A working Rockbox bootloader is now available. It is possible to load both Rockbox and the original iriver firmware using this booloader. A lot of things aren't working yet (eg. scrollpad not fully functional). Compiled versions of Rockbox are available from the Current Build and Archived Daily Build pages. It is recommended to use the current build for now as that will contain the newest fixes. Compiled versions of the bootloader are also available.

NOTE: You must use the new bootloader even if you don't plan on dual-booting.


Full installation and uninstallation instructions are in the Installation chapter of the Rockbox manual.

Missing Features

There are several things from the original firmware that aren't yet implemented, or are not quite completed in Rockbox for the H10 yet. Here is a summary:

  • Alarm Timer - This feature may not be able to be implemented, as it makes use of the original firmware's "Sleep" mode, which is a feature which rockbox isn't designed for. A timer is possible, however the player must always be on.
  • Scrollpad support - Currently, the scrollpad acts as a simple up/down button. Scrolling with your finger along it's surface doesn't behave as you would expect from the OF.
  • Clicker/Buzzer - The buzzer, which is present in the H10 and iPod models is what makes the sound each time you scroll or select an option. This behaviour has not yet been implemented, and as far as i know is not something which is urgently being looked at by developers.

Common Bugs & Workarounds

There are several bugs which have plagued the H10 port of Rockbox for some time, these include:

  • Failing to begin playback - This error seems to be fixed by simply turning the player off and on again. (This is rare in current builds)
  • "System Files Missing" error on startup - This error is more common on older H10s, and has been solved on some occasions by use of the iriver Recovery Tool, which updates the real bootloader.
  • Strange High-Pitched Noises - Solved by skipping tracks or restarting the player (Seems to be a problem with the buffers) (Has anyone run into this at all recently? I've never had it happen at all... -- AlexVanderpol)


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