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Iriver FAQ -- H300 series specific (H320, H340 and their iHP versions)

General Questions

Is Rockbox for the H300 series ready for public use?

At this time, Rockbox for the H300 series is used by quite a lot of users without any problems. But you should be aware of the fact that it hasn't been released as stable version yet, so you may experience bugs and weird behaviour.

Questions about installation and getting started

I have a U.S. H300. If I install the Rockbox bootloader, will I still be able to play files protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

The only answer that we can provide at this point is that we don't know. For the reasons explained above, Rockbox does not support playing of DRM-protected files. It is well-documented that installing a non-U.S. firmware on a U.S. H300 permantently removes the player's ability to play DRM files. Since the H300 bootloader is made by patching non-U.S. firmware, it is most likely that flashing to Rockbox will also permanently remove the U.S. H300's ability to play DRM files. However, this has not yet been tested. It is possible that we will find a way in the future to flash Rockbox without impacting the U.S. players' DRM capability. Until then, however, if support for DRM is important to you, you should not flash the Rockbox bootloader.

Does the Rockbox bootloader work with 1.31K (Korean version)?

No, the current rockbox bootloader has not been tested together with the 1.31K frimware.

Will my H3Mod? skinned firmware work with Rockbox?

Yes. First you download a clean firmware file. Then you patch it with the bootloader program. (fwpatcher.exe) After this, you run it through H3Mod? and apply your skin to the patched firmware.

I've installed Rockbox, but I want to use the iriver firmware. Do I need to uninstall Rockbox and re-flash to iriver?

No. Rockbox has a dual-boot feature. To boot to the iriver firmware instead of Rockbox: Hold the REC button and press and hold the ON button. To return to Rockbox, turn off the player and turn it back on without holding REC.

Questions about Rockbox features

Is the FM-tuner be supported?

Yes. Presets are available, Add a preset via the "add" option in the radio menu, and press ON/PLAY button to bring up the list of presets.

Will Rockbox play video?

We are working on MPEG2 playback. See PluginMpegplayer for details.

Questions about using Rockbox

I turned off the backlight and now I can't see anything? What should I do?

The following series of keystrokes should turn the backlight back on: (A-B)(-)(-)(NAVI)(-)(-)(NAVI)(-)(-)(-)(NAVI)(NAVI)(-)
r2 - 07 Dec 2006 - 19:54:04 - NilsWallmenius

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