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Iriver iHP information


iRiver makes many mp3 players, both flash and disk-based. The disk units are called iHP-120 (newer ones H120) and iHP-140 (H140) (20/40 GB 1.8" disk). There is also a new disk model called H320 with colour display and USB host controller.

We are primarily focusing on the H1xx model.

Board scans

H1x0 Clothed

Big (640x1156, 883 KB) Big (660x1232, 1.2 MB)
Bigger (1280x2312, 3.4 MB) Bigger (1329x2464, 4.4 MB)
Huge (2560x4624, 16 MB) Huge (2640x4928, 19 MB)

H1x0 Nude

Big (1.1 MB) Big (1.2 MB)
Bigger (4.2 MB) Bigger (4.5 MB)
Huge (18 MB) Huge (18 MB)

H1x0 ATA/USB board

Big (404 KB) Big (201 KB)
Bigger (1.5 MB) Bigger (692 KB)
Huge (5.6 MB) Huge (2.3 MB)

H3x0 Clothed

Big (674x1216, 1.4 MB) Big (659x1216, 1.4 MB)
Bigger (1348x2431, 5.2 MB) Bigger (1319x2433, 5.1 MB)
Huge (2695x4862, 22 MB) Huge (2637x4865, 21 MB)

H1x0 In-line remote

Big (300K) Big (300K)
Huge (11MB) Huge (11MB)


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