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Rockbox Installation instructions for iriver H110, H120 or H140 players

Authors Note: These instructions are based on a PC using Windows. The basic instructions are the same regardless of the operating system, however the screenshots and some of the options/button descriptions may vary if you are using a non-Windows operating system.


The Rockbox software is stable on the iriver players at this time and seems to be working almost perfectly for most people. However, you must be aware that you are installing it at your own risk and doing this could invalidate the warranty on your player.

If you are unsure whether to do it or not, you can read here to find out how to get help or more information.

If you want to go ahead, then here goes and good luck!

Installation Instructions

STEP 1: Download iriver firmware to your desktop

Click on the link below that is relevant to your player and your language/location. If it is not obvious to you which one you should pick, we recommend you choose the European version.
Player Version Filename
H110 European version H110(eu)
H110 US version H110(us)
H110 Japanese version H110(jp)
H110 Korean version H110(kr)
H120/H140 European version H120(eu)
H120/H140 US version H120(us)
H120/H140 Japanese version H120(jp)
H120/H140 Korean version H120(kr)

When the download window appears, click the 'Save' button.

click 'Save' button to save iriver firmware

When the 'Save as' dialog box appears, as shown below, click the dropdown menu next to 'Save To' and choose 'Desktop' from the file menu, then click the 'Save' button again.


STEP 2: Unpackage (unzip) the downloaded file

Once your download is complete go to your desktop, where you saved the file.

You now need to unpackage (or 'unzip') the file you have downloaded.

To do this, right-click the mouse on the file and choose either 'Extract All' or 'Extract Here', as shown below:


TIP NOTE: If you can't see either of these options on the menu,you may need to install some extra software before you continue and should follow the 'How to Install free Zip software' instructions first. Then come back and repeat step 2.

You should now see another file has appeared on your desktop, as below. This file is called either ihp_100.hex (For H110 players) or ihp_120.hex (For H120 and H140 players).


STEP 3: Download the patch software

Click here to download a piece of software called 'fwpatcher.exe'.

Save this file to your desktop as well.

STEP 4: Patch(Or 'modify') the firmware

Navigate to your desktop again and run the 'fwpatcher.exe' file you just downloaded. It should look like this:


Click the 'Browse' button and navigate to your desktop using the file explorer window that comes up.


Click on the file you unpackaged in the last step (Either ihp_100.hex or ihp_120.hex), then press 'Open'.

Click the 'Patch' button.

You should see a message saying 'Firmware Patched successfully', as below. If you do, go to the next step. If you do NOT see the message, read the note below.


ALERT! NOTE: If you do not see a success message at the end, try repeating step 4 again. If it still does not work, you should not continue trying to install Rockbox. It is recommended you create a post on the Rockbox forum or MisticRiver forum indicating your problem or error, where someone will be sure to help .

STEP 5: Copy the firmware file to your player

Copy the file from above (Either ihp_100.hex or ihp_120.hex) onto the root folder of your Iriver player, as below:


STEP 6: Upgrade the firmware on the player

Follow these instructions to upgrade your players firmware. (A walkthrough with pictures for this is available on the Iriver site here).

Iriver Firmware Upgrade procedure:

  1. Unplug your Iriver from the USB cable if it is attached
  2. Press and hold down the Joystick button until the 'Settings' menu appears
  3. Click on 'General'
  4. Scroll down and click on 'Firmware Upgrade'
  5. You will be asked to confirm you want to upgrade. Move the joystick to the left so that the 'Yes' button is ticked and press the joystick button again
  6. It should now say 'Firmware Upgrading...'. Do not touch the player during this process!
  7. The player will switch itself off when it has completed the upgrade.

Once this is completed, when you now start your player up you should initially see a screen saying 'Rockbox Bootloader' at the top before the normal Iriver boot screen appears.

You have now successfully installed the boot loader and are ready to install Rockbox itself.

STEP 7: Download Rockbox

Click here to download the latest version of Rockbox.

Note: if you have a H140, select the "h120" version.

Then click 'Save' and save the file to your Iriver's root folder.


STEP 8: Unzip Rockbox files

Navigate to your Iriver's root folder. You should now have a file there called ''.

Right-click on the file and choose 'Extract All' or 'Extract Here'.


You should see a new folder appear called '.rockbox' and a new file called 'rockbox.iriver', as shown below:


STEP 9 : That's it, now just tidy up

Delete the '' file from your players root directory. Delete the zip file, firmware (.hex file) and 'fwpatcher.exe' file that you still have on your desktop from earlier.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now installed Rockbox! (and been tidy about it too!).

That's all there is to it! Enjoy.

HOW TO section

HOW TO: Choose which firmware you use

Now you have installed Rockbox on your player, you can choose which firmware you want to use each time you turn on your player.

To start the original Iriver firmware, press and hold the Record button down then press Play.

To start the Rockbox firmware, simply press Play on its own.

HOW TO: Keep Rockbox up-to-date

In the future, if you wish to update Rockbox the simply plug the USB cable into your player and follow steps 7 and 8 again above.

ALERT! Note that this time when you extract the files in step 8, you will get prompted with a 'ConfirmFile Replace' box, similar to that shown below:


Click on the 'Yes to all' button.

Now tidy up again and delete the file from your player.

That's it, you're up to date!

HOW TO: Remove Rockbox

If you want to remove Rockbox from your player, you have two options as follows.

Option 1: Basic removal

ALERT! This is the recommended option for most people

This process just removes the Rockbox firmware, but not the Rockbox bootloader program. This is perfectly safe to do.

  1. Firstly plug the USB cable into your player
  2. Navigate to your players root directory
  3. Delete the '.rockbox' folder and the 'rockbox.iriver' file

When you restart your player now it will still show the initial Rockbox bootloader screen first, but then will automatically load the original iriver fiirmware each time.

TIP The benefit of keeping the bootloader is that if you later want to reinstall Rockbox on your player, you can simply repeat steps 7 and 8 and it will work straight away.

No need to do all the other complicated steps again!

Option 2: Complete removal

It is not generally necessary to do this. However, if you do want to fully remove Rockbox and the bootloader, and revert back to the original iriver firmware you need to:

  1. Carry out the Basic Removal first, as above.
  2. Repeat steps 1, 2, 5 and 6 from above, skipping steps 3 and 4.

Your original firmware will now be back in place and all traces of Rockbox removed.

HOW TO: Install free Zip software

  1. Click here to begin installing a free zip program called 7Zip.
  2. A webpage should come up for a site called ''. Just click on one of the files on the right of the page, underneath where it says Download. You may have to wait a few seconds the the download to actually start. Click the 'Run' button when you are prompted.
  3. If asked again (it may say 'Publisher cannot be verified' or a similar message), just click 'Run' again. Press the 'Install' button when the installation begins. Click 'Finish' once it has completed.

You can click here to go back to Step 2 in the installation.

HOW TO: Report an error or problem with these Instructions

These instructions are provided in good faith. They are designed for people using a computer with Windows (Doesn't really matter which version). Whilst every attempt has been made to to provide accurate information, we are only human and mistakes do get made. All constructive comments are welcome.

Should you wish to report any inaccuracies or broken links please try to contact either: Michael Di Febbo Ed Solman

or just any Rockbox developer. We are all responsible for this documentation.

If you click on the links above, you can then use the email link on the page that comes up to send us a mail.

You could also try sending a private message (PM) on either of the Rockbox or MisticRiver forums as well. Relevant nicknames on the forums for the authors are: Ed Solman - 'wrecker' Michael Di Febbo - 'Febs'

HOW TO: Find more information and ask questions

If you want to find out more information or get in contact with other Rockbox users, you should join the Rockbox forum and/or MisticRiver forum and post your query in a relevant forum (One of the forums related to Rockbox, or the H Series players). Someone will read it and give you help.

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