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Navigation for the Rockbox iriver port project

List of pages related to the iriver project

Visit the Rockbox forums, for more information.

General info stuff

  • IriverInfo - Pictures and infos about the project
  • IriverPort - More information regarding some of the obstacles of the project.
  • IriverFAQ - iriver specific FAQ
  • IriverTesting - Regular test reports on the daily builds

Software related stuff

  • IriverBoot - Rockbox bootloader information for the iriver development
  • IriverBDM - Info on the BDM (Background Debug Module)
  • IriverMemoryMap - Info on the address position of functions in the orignal firmware
  • IriverToolsGuide - Tools used to decrypt firmware, to stringify assembly code, etc..
  • IriverRamLoad - Proposal for mods to load test code into RAM

CPU/Hardware related stuff

Human resources stuff

  • IriverTeam - A list of all people involved with the project. Please put yourself in if you haven't already!
  • MisticRiver - links to original threads on the MisticRiver forums..
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