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Index page for the iriver H1xx/H3xx Rockbox porting effort


Full installation and uninstallation instructions are in the Installation chapter of the Rockbox manual.

Installation Notes for Blind Users

Victor Rajewski replied to a message from Scott Erichson on December 29, 2005 (found at about which keys to press to have a H320 or H340 reflash its memory with Rockbox. The steps he describes assume you've done the following steps and simply want to flash your player with Rockbox:

  • Turned on the H3x0.
  • Attached the unit to your computer.
  • Copied over all of the Rockbox files including the H300.HEX file.
  • Waited until everything's been written to the H3x0, unplugged it, and left it on.

Rockbox Status

Function H1x0 Status H3x0 Status
Start-up Done Done
Dir/file Browsing Done Done
Fonts Done Done
Settings Done Done
Plugins Done (some are not yet adjusted to the bigger screen) Done
Charging Done (done in HW, but detected fine) Done (USB charging now supported)
USB detect Done Done
Codecs Done (status - All Codecs running in realtime on target) Done (status)
Remote Done Done
Sound Done plays sound, both analog and digital out Done
Battery Level Basic (tests) Basic
Multi-codec Architecture Done Done
Task scheduler (threading) Done Done
Kernel (messaging and tick timer) Done Done
Interrupt handling core code Done Done
Panic handler Done Done
LCD driver Done Picture - Another Picture Done Picture
Font rendering Done Done
Backlight Done Done
ATA driver Done Done
ADC driver Done Done
Button driver (ADC) Done Done
Remote button driver (ADC) Done Done
USB handler Done Done
Power handling Done  
I2C driver Done (no read from the UDA1380, but we don't need that) Done
I2S driver Done I2S DMA input and output works Done
Remote LCD driver (SPI) Done Picture Done
Audio ADC/DAC driver Done Done
Serial EPROM driver Done Done
FM Radio Done Done

See IriverStatus for known bugs and essential missing features pertaining to the iriver port.

Additional work:

  • Write a GDB stub for the serial port. RXD0 and TXD0 are wired to an unpopulated connector on the PCB. We can connect the PC for remote serial GDB debugging.
  • Write a simulator target for gdb. Would be really useful for reverse engineering the original firmware.


There is a functional bootloader for both the H100 and H300 series models. More information on it can be found here (Korean translation: here).


There are currently simulators for all Rockbox compatible devices. A simulator can be useful for seeing what Rockbox looks and feels like before installing as well as testing out your homemade themes before putting them on your player. They can be found here.

Hardware information

Useful Tools/Firmware

  • IriverBDM - Info on the BDM (Background Debug Module)
  • IriverFlashing - Info on how to put Rockbox in flash memory on the H100 players.
  • IriverMemoryMap - Info on the address locations of functions in the original firmware.
  • FirmwareDisassemblyH300 - Disassembly of the iriver H300 original firmware.
  • IriverToolsGuide - Tools used to decrypt firmware, to stringify assembly code, etc..
  • H1x0Reflashing - Instructions for reflashing a H1x0 via the BDM interface (unbricking)


  • IriverFAQ - Frequently Asked Questions regarding the iriver port

Other Pages of Interest

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