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Iriver S10 Port

Information about the used ICs in the iRiver S10 Player

Opened S10:


The main core of the S10: SAMSUNG SA58700X07 (or X08? - not hundred per cent sure yet) (see Samsung SA58 Rockbox wiki page) which is listed on the samsung homepage at ().

("It is a microcontroller unit that integrates both audio decoder and NAND flash in a single chip." )


  • FM chip: Silicon Laboratories Si470x FM Radio Receiver ()

  • Oscillator: Sunny 546 (12 MHz)

  • Epson RTC-8564JE Real Time Clock Module (Info + Datasheet at )

  • Linear Technology DC/DC converter (perhaps LTC3407 () which is used in the iRiver E10)


Some additional pictures about the battery and the body:

4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg

Information on the battery

On the misticriver forums, traut writes:

I guess, the battery reads as SKMECLPCS341732, which could be a battery sized 3.4 x 17 x 32 mm?

(what seems to match with the printing on the battery on the photo shown above)

Forum link


The firmware of the S10 is flash-based, the .hex file is about 1,8 megabytes of size.


Additional information (not jet evaluated)

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