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Iriver T60 Port


The iriver T60 is a flash-based player powered by AAA batteries.


There are take-apart pictures on Chinese websites, which are mostly, if not all, done by dunefox.

Component Chip Notes
CPU Samsung SA58700X07 With integrated 8 Mbit NOR Flash
RAM ??? No RAM chip seen on board
Flash Samsung MLC  
Codec Wolfson WM8731/L Not sure whether it's a WM8731 or WM8731L
FM ??? There is a chip near the headphone jack, but the markings are unreadable
RTC Epson E8564  
LCD ??? 128x64 1 inch CSTN LCD with 65K colours


Firmware file format

The firmware is encrypted and we can encrypt or decrypt it with irde. After decryption, it is very similar to the Meizu firmware, with the following sections:
  • Header (500 bytes)
  • Firmware image (unknown length)
  • Resource image (unknown length)

The firmware is not protected by a checksum -- this has been verified by changing a string in the firmware image.

Firmware upgrade

Firmware upgrade is normally done by copying the encrypted firmware to the root of the player. After the player is disconnected, it will begin the firmware update process. If the battery does not have enough power for the whole firmware upgrade process, it will stop in the middle and the firmware upgrade will be cancelled.

Firmware recovery

Since the T60 is similar to the Meizu players, there may be a DFU mode available. However, there is currently no known way to activate this mode, if it exists at all.


Part of the flash is exported through the UMS interface as a USB mass storage device with 512-byte sectors. The OF doesn't divide it into partitions and instead just formats the whole exported area with FAT32.

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