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Wiki > Main > IriverPort > IriverTesting (r7)

Testing the IRiver Port

Updated 20050911 (this is a restored version I was lucky to have on my HD before the big nasty wipeout. damn kiddies!)


This page is an effort to document the progress of the IriverPort from a users perspective. It mainly concentrates on the ability of Rockbox to play different codecs and is more detailed than the status on SoundCodecs (and thus more realistic).

Furthermore it tries to keep up with all the other features which start working from day to day. At the time of writing, iHP-120/140 is very functional! The amount of functions available in the IriverPort is way too much to be tested in a single test session (unless you want to invest several hours).

On a regular base the daily builds will be run through a set of tests to give an overview about which feature works and which leads to an illegal instruction or a complete crash of your DAP. Don't forget to check the IriverFAQ for an higher overview.

How to test

For now the test is simple: the build will be installed and booted. Then every function mentioned below will be tried at least once, with the results written into the tables below. There will be no test of functions found in the debug menu since this is a restricted area.

There is no timescale or rythm for testing, though at least one test a week should be done.

Feel free to extend the list of functions to test. If they are non-trivial, please add some information on how to test them.

Test Setup

These are the settings I currently test with: testing.cfg

I use this WPS: Moxon.wps. It is derived from the WpsGallery, all hails go to the authors there.

I create testfiles with this: generateTestfiles.rb

I use IriverBoot version 5

Test result

These results do NOT imply any warranty and will most probably contain errors!. If you brick your player, you simply should not have tried it at home!

The results below refer to the following build:

daily 20050911 (Changes see: Daily build page)


Since the last test on this page referred to a build from 2005-07-20, the changes are numerous.

  • Replaygain
  • FM Radio
  • Many WPS improvements (like better conditionals!)
  • Voice UI added for iRivers

  • OGG/Flac are playing now
  • Flac has proper bookmarking now, so we have MP3, FLAC, OGG and WV as full supported codecs (referring to the table below).


  • No bigger problems found.

Booting up

Function Working?
Booting DONE
Show version DONE

Codec Tests

Codec Playing Seeking Long Seeks (>5 minutes) Tags in WPS Bookmarkable Resampling Comment
AAC No - - - - - Not shown (mine have .m4a as extension)
AC3 DONE No No - DONE (no seek) - could not test resampling due to broken testfiles
Musepack DONE No No No DONE (no seek) - Clicks, has a hard time on 'radio MPC; does not show total track time; could not test resampling, no test files at hand
Ogg/Speex No - - - - - Shown, codec failure and then return to filelist
Ogg/Vorbis DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE (22Khz, 11Khz) -
Wavpack (lossy) DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE (22Khz, 11kHz) -
Flac DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE (22kHz) Flac 'best' skips from time to time (more optimization needed)
Monkeysaudio No - - - - - Not shown
Ogg/Flac DONE DONE DONE DONE No DONE (22Khz) Does not ask for bookmarking on STOP, no manual bookmark can be created
Shorten No - - - - - Not shown
WAV DONE No No - DONE (no seek) DONE (22Khz, 11kHz) -
Wavpack (lossless) DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE (22Khz, 11kHz) -
Generating formats
Midi DONE - - - - - Loads a plugin to play them.
Mod - - - - - - -

Sound related/DSP

Function Working? Comment
Volume DONE -
Bass boost DONE -
Trebble boost DONE -
Balance DONE -
Channels DONE -
Stereo width DONE -


I use this WPS to test: Moxon.wps. It is derived from the WpsGallery, all hails go to the authors there.

Function Working? Comment
Alignment DONE -
Images DONE -
Tech info (codec, bitrate etc) DONE -
ID tags DONE -
Directory tags DONE -
Scrolling DONE -

Other functions

[PENDING] Complete this section

Function Working? Comment
Recording DONE -
FM-Radio DONE -
SPDIF Input DONE Works with 44kHz and 48kHz - even though I heared some distortion on the preview, but they weren't in the recording itself.
SPDIF Output DONE with correct validity flag, every DAC ive tried works now!
Remote Control DONE Full Support
Load a plugin while playing music DONE

Test tables legend

Cell content Meaning
- not tested
? I don't know what this does
No Not Working
ALERT! Crashes

Older results

r7 - 30 Sep 2007 - 17:54:07 - NicolasPennequin

Parents: IriverPort
Copyright by the contributing authors.