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Wiki > Main > SansaFuzePlus > JeanLouisBiasini (r1)
  • Name: Jean-Louis Biasini
  • Country: France (living in Austria)

I own a Sansa Fuze + and an I.Beat Organix

I am an absolute beginner. I study informatics (first year).

  • Learn enough C to be able to write anything usefull for Rockbox - like plugins
  • Find info about embedded system to contribute to the Sansa Fuze + page

Plans for Sansa Fuse +
  • Find and collect any information that could be useful for porting rockbox to it

-- JeanLouisBiasini - 24 Nov 2010
r1 - 24 Nov 2010 - 12:56:08 - JeanLouisBiasini

Parents: SansaFuzePlus
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