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Rockbox 2.3 Keymap Assignments


The Ondio has only 6 buttons, where the Recorder models have 10. The Rockbox feature set is nevertheless practically the same, so obviously things get tight. For the Ondio adaptation, several functions are now assigned to less intuitive keys/combos/long presses.

General Concept

To get a 2nd level, we exploit long presses more than Rockbox used to. Combos have been mostly avoided, wherever possible. Since the function keys are missing, the menu is now called (from the browser) by a long press of the Mode key. The quick menus on F2/F3 are gone, but the same settings have always been accessible by the main menu, too. Since no Play key is available, Right has to do the job for menu and file selection, but this has been possible on recorders before, too. A short press of Mode toggles between browser and WPS, like On did for the recorders. See below for the full tables, reflecting the Rockbox v2.3 release:

Rockbox Keymap Table

    Player Recorder Ondio
  available Buttons Left Left Left
    Right Right Right
      Up Up
      Down Down
    Stop Off  
    Play Play  
    Menu F1 Mode
    On On On/Off
Menu move to next item Right Down Down
  move to previous item Left Up Up
  exit the (sub)menu Stop
  enter a selection Play Right
Setting increment the value Right Up Up
  decrement the value Left Down Down
  exit and use value Play Play
  cancel and exit Stop
Browser move to next item Right Down Down
  move to previous item Left Up Up
  exit from subdirectory or browser Stop Left Left
  enter subdirectory   Right  
  run a file short Play short Play short Right
  change to menu Menu F1 long Mode
  toggle to WPS On On short Mode
  move up a page   On+Up  
  move down a page   On+Down  
  context menu for file or dir long Play
long Play
long Right
WPS next track short Right short Right short Right
  previous track short Left short Left short Left
  fast forward long Right long Right long Right
  fast rewind long Left long Left long Left
  volume up Menu+Right Up Up
  volume down Menu+Left Down Down
  pause Play Play On/Off
  change to menu Menu F1 long Mode
  toggle to browser On On short Mode
  stop+exit Stop Off long On/Off
  key lock Menu+Stop F1+Down Mode+Down
  ID3 info Menu+On F1+On  
Keyboard move cursor right   On+Right Right (line edit) *
  move cursor left   On+Left Left (line edit) *
  cursor backspace   F3 short Mode (line edit) *
  select character   Play short Mode (in picker) *
  next pickboard page   F1 Right wrap-around *
  previous pickboard page     Left wrap-around *
  exit and use   F2 long Mode *
  cancel and exit   Off On/Off *
Radio increase frequency   short Right short Right
  decrease frequency   short Left short Left
  scan upwards   long Right long Right
  scan downwards   long Left long Left
  volume up   Up Up
  volume down   Down Down
  context menu   F1 long Mode
  preset listing   F2 (in menu)
  start recording   F3 short Mode
  freeze screen   Play  
  stop recording   Off short On/Off
  exit   On long On/Off
  add preset   F1 (in menu)
  preset entry context menu   long Right
long Play
long Right
Recording stop/exit   Off On/Off
  record/pause   Play Right
  increment parameter   Right Up
  decrement parameter   Left Down
  next parameter   Down short Mode
  previous parameter   Up  
  settings menu   F1 long Mode
  F2 quickscreen   F2  
  F3 quickscreen   F3  
(like settings)
delete bookmark On+Play On+Play Mode+Play

This new keyboard button assignment is post-2.3 (introduced 2004-11-14)

Plugin Keymap Table

Common keys are often not shown, e.g. the direction keys for movement.

    Player Recorder Ondio
Battery test quit Stop Off
bounce quit   Off On/Off
  mode   On Mode
calculator quit   Off On/Off
  input   Play short Mode
  calc   F3 long Mode
  operations   F2  
  clear   F1  
chessclock quit On Off On/Off
  start/stop Play Play Right
  reset Stop Left Left
  menu Menu F1 Mode
  increment setting Right Up Up
  decrement setting Left Down Down
  OK Play Play
  cancel Stop
Off Mode
chip8 quit   Off  
  key1   F1  
  key2   Up Up
  key3   F3  
  key4   Left Left
  key5   Play Mode
  key6   Right Right
  key7   F2  
  key8   Down Down
  key9   On  
cube quit   Off On/Off
  increment X   Right Right
  decrement X   Left Left
  increment Y   Up Up
  decrement Y   Down Down
  increment Z   F2 Mode+Up
  decrement Z   F1 Mode+Down
  highspeed   Play Mode
firmware_flash info Menu F1 Left
  check On F2 Up
  program Right F3 Right
flipit quit   Off On/Off
  shuffle   F1 Mode+Left
  solve   F2 Mode+Up
  step by step   F3 Mode+Right
  Toggle   Play Mode
grayscale shift   On Mode
jpeg zoom in   Play short Mode
  zoom out   On long Mode
mandelbrot quit   Off On/Off
  zoom in   Play short Mode
  zoom out   On Mode+Down
  increment iteration limit   F2 Mode+Right
  decrement iteration limit   F1 Mode+Left
  reset   F3 Mode+On/Off
metronome quit Stop Off On/Off
  Play/Pause Play Play Mode
  volume up On+Right Up Up
  volume down On+Left Down Down
minesweeper quit   Off On/Off
  start   On Mode
  toggle   Play
short Mode
  discover   On
long Mode
  Info   F3 Mode+On/Off
mosaique quit   Off On/Off
  speed   F1 Left
  restart   Play Mode
oscillograph quit   Off On/Off
  speed up   Up Up
  speed down   Down Down
  roll   F1 Right
  mode   F2 Mode
  speed reset   F3 Left
  pause   Play  
pong quit   Off On/Off
  left up   F1 Left
  left down   Left Mode
  right up   F3 Up
  right down   Right Down
rockbox_flash info Menu F1 Left
  program On F2 Up
sliding puzzle quit   Off On/Off
  shuffle   F1 long Mode
  picture   F2 short Mode
snake quit   Off On/Off
  Play/Pause   Play Mode
snake2 quit   Off On/Off
  level up   Up
  level down   Down
  select maze   F1 Left
  select type   F3 Right
  Play/Pause   Play Mode
sokoban quit   Off On/Off
  Undo   On Mode
  level up   F3 Mode+Right
  level down   F1 Mode+Left
  level repeat   F2 Mode+Up
solitaire quit   Off On/Off
  up   Up short Up
  down   Down short Down
  left   Left short Left
  right   Right short Right
  move   On short Mode
  draw   F2 long Mode
  remove to current   Play long Left
  curent to stack   F1 long Right
  remove to stack   F3 long Up
  menu run   Right
  menu info   F1
splitedit quit   Off On/Off
  play   Play Mode
  save   F1 Mode+Left
  loop mode   F2 Mode+Up
  scale   F3 Mode+Right
  speed 50%   On+Left  
  speed 100%   On+Play  
  speed 150%   On+Right  
  menu run   Play Right
star quit   Off On/Off
  toggle control   On
  level up   F3 Mode+Right
  level down   F1 Mode+Left
  level repeat   F2 Mode+Up
  menu run   Play
stopwatch quit Menu Off On/Off
  start/stop Play Play Right
  reset timer Stop Left Left
  lap timer On On Mode
  scroll up Right Up Up
  scroll down Left Down Down
video quit   Off On/Off
  volume up   Up Up
  volume down   Down Down
  contrast up   F3 Mode+Up
  contrast down   F2 Mode+Down
  seek forward   Right Right
  seek backward   Left Left
  pause/seek set   Play Mode
  resume   Play Right
viewer quit Off Off On/Off
  page up Left Up Up
  page down Right Down Down
  screen left Menu+Left Left Left
  screen right Menu+Right Right Right
  mode wrap On+Left F1 Mode+Left
  mode line On+Menu+Right F2 Mode+Up
  mode width On+Right F3 Mode+Right
  mode page   On+F1 Mode+Down
  mode scrollbar   On+F3 Mode+On/Off
  line up   On+Up  
  line down   On+Down  
  column left   On+Left  
  column right   On+Right  
vu meter quit   Off On/Off
  help   On short Mode
  menu   F1 long Mode
  menu exit   F1


See ButtonAssignments for the development plan.
See ArchosOndio for the Ondio adaptation project in general.

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