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Rockbox Logo Swapper


Use at your own risk. This tool is not officially supported by Rockbox or part of the Rockbox project. We are not able to help with any problems you might experience while using it. Any use of it will convert your build into an UNSUPPORTED build. Any bugs experienced should be reproduced with a clean build (redownloaded from the official servers, without a swapped logo) before reporting.

What is it?

The logo Swapper program is a windows program that can change the rockbox bootsplash image. It was posted by Ashen at misticriver, link to original thread.

How do I use it?


OS: Windows with Microsoft .Net Framework v2.0
-The bootsplash for your specific player, saved as a bitmap (.bmp)
-The new bootsplash you want to use, saved as a bitmap (.bmp)



Where do I get the original bitmaps?

From git:;a=tree;f=apps/bitmaps/native Should make a table of player, resolution and link to specific bitmap
-- GaryLight - 20 May 2007

Player LCD Size Link
Gigabeat 240x320 rockboxlogo.240x74x16.bmp
iAudio X5 160x128 rockboxlogo.160x50x16.bmp
iPod Color/Photo 220x176 rockboxlogo.220x68x16.bmp
iPod Nano 176x132 rockboxlogo.176x54x16.bmp
iPod Video 320x240 rockboxlogo.320x98x16.bmp
iriver H10 5/6GB 128x128 rockboxlogo.128x40x16.bmp
iriver H10 20GB 160x128 rockboxlogo.160x50x16.bmp
iriver H120 160x128 rockboxlogo.160x50x16.bmp
iriver H300 220x176 rockboxlogo.220x68x16.bmp
Sansa c200 132x80 rockboxlogo.132x40x16.bmp
Sansa e200 176x220 rockboxlogo.176x54x16.bmp
Sansa Clip, Clip+ 128x66 rockboxlogo.128x42x1.bmp
Sansa Clip Zip 96x96 rockboxlogo.96x30x16.bmp
Sansa Fuze+ 240x320 rockboxlogo.240x74x16.bmp
-- BenBetts - 2010-09-09

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