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Development Tools for RockboxPlayerPrototype?

Shell access in U-Boot

You can access to the U-Boot shell by connecting a null modem cable to the development board. Read more in the development board manual.

JorgePinto is using an USB<->RS232 converter and a null modem cable. As software, he is using cutecom on GNU/Linux Ubuntu - cutecom is available in the repositories.

While in U-Boot shell, there is possible to load code and execute in on the development board. We can load code by TFTP, on USB disk and by serial kermit protocol.

Install GNU Tool Chain For ARM

You can follow the instructions on page CrossCompiler. JorgePinto did install the the GNU Tool Chain using the Automatic build:

A good example of how to setup the GNU Tool Chain: ARM Getting Started: Using USBprog and OpenOCD

IDE - Integrated development environment

Any file text editor should be enough.

JorgePinto is using Anjuta on GNU/Linux Ubuntu - Anjuta is available in the repositories.

SVN repository of initial experimental code

JorgePinto did setup an account in for host the initial experimental code. If you want to be a member, please leave a comment on that page.

Debugging and flashing

Debugging and flashing using OpenOCD with JTAG

There is possible to use OpenOCD and JTAG to flashing and debugging. A good example here: ARM Getting Started: Using USBprog and OpenOCD. Also Atmel have an application note with title: Using Open Source Tools for AT91SAM7 Cross Development. This examples are for AT91SAM7? but should be almost the same for AT91SAM9?.

JorgePinto is trying to put his USBProg working as OpenOCD Adaptor.

Debugging using RS232 port

To debugging low-level code as when making drivers or the boot loader, can be used the available RS232 port on development board to send messages.

Debugging using LCD messages

When LCD is working it can be used to display debug messages.

New Firmware

New firmware will be easily uploaded by connecting the RockboxPlayer by USB to a computer. In the computer will be installed a cross-platform application as RockboxUtility to upload new versions of firmware or even flash any firmware for recover purposes.

This functionality is possible because of Atmel SAM-BA. Its need to hold a switch button that will put the flash memories on reset state while boot the RockboxPlayer.

r1 - 03 May 2008 - 15:49:17 - JorgePinto

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