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Wiki > Main > MPIOHD300Port (r8)
-- MarcinBukat - 26 Nov 2010

The work has begun on porting rockbox to this player. r28680 is the initial commit. As this port is considered work in progress please use latest version from svn. As of now rockbox is perfectly usable but still there may be some bugs and glitches.

Driver status

driver status comments
LCD working Based mainly on iaudio m5 display code.
Backlight working Backlight brightness is supported
IDE working  
USB working Works in bootloader and in rockbox itself. *
Keys working Keymap is far from perfect, scrollstrip driver may be improved
DAC working partially Patch implementing 3d enhancement, bass cutoff, treble cutoff is pending.
FM Radio working  
Recording working  
Battery status working Conversion from voltage to battery level needs adjusting.
Battery charging working  
RTC working  

'***' linux users please read my remarks about Genesys GL811E? bridge chip on the MPIO HD200 port page

Some useful links:
r8 - 19 Dec 2010 - 21:46:48 - MarcinBukat

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