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Major Changes in Rockbox

This is a page which lists many major changes and updates to Rockbox. These are changes that aren't front-page news, but worth noting (e.g. a new plugin, a significant performance improvement or bugfix, or a notable new feature). Feel free to update as necessary!

The latest unreleased changes can be found in the current build.

The changes are sorted by date with the newest on top.

This page is available as an RSS feed: MajorChanges RSS Feed


  • DONE - New feature
  • ALERT! - Bugfix
  • - Enhancement, improvement or optimization

Major changes since version 3.14 (in git)

DONE 2018-04-17: New plugins: sgt-filling, sgt-keen, sgt-solo, sgt-towers, sgt-undead, and sgt-unequal
DONE 2018-04-03: Enable plugins for Creative ZEN X-Fi 2
2018-04-03: Make pacbox work on smaller screens (Samsung YH-820, Sansa ClipZip?)
DONE 2017-12-24: New plugin: Duke Nukem 3D (based on Chocolate Duke)
DONE 2017-11-21: New plugins: sgt-loopy and sgt-palisade
ALERT! 2017-10-28: Fix skipping when decoding slower formats on imx233 devices
DONE 2017-09-20: Add support for 9 additional Sony devices in the SonyNWLinuxPort device family
DONE 2017-08-23: New Lua game "pixel painter"
DONE 2017-07-27: New plugin: sgt-mines

Major changes in version 3.14

ALERT! 2017-04-15: Fix headphone jack recording on the iPod6G
DONE 2017-03-15: New "speedread" plugin
DONE 2017-01-17: Configurable screen lock and backlight options
2017-01-17: Improve performance of the database by caching in RAM
ALERT! 2017-01-07: Restore old behavior where ambiguous paths in playlists were assumed to target the local volume on multi-volume devices (e.g. sd cards)
2017-01-06: Improve seeking and playback of MIDI files
ALERT! 2017-01-05: Fix issues with crossfade on very short tracks
DONE 2016-12-18: New port of Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection
ALERT! 2016-09-25: Fix issues with HDD6330 ATA stability
2016-09-22: Promote Philips Gogear SA9200, HDD16x0 and HDD63x0 to stable
2016-09-22: Promote Samsung YH-820, YH-920 and YH-925 to stable
2016-09-21: Promote Fuze+ to stable
2016-09-21: Promote NWZ-E360 to stable
2016-09-21: Promote NWZ-E370 to stable
2016-09-21: Promote NWZ-E380 to stable
2016-09-21: Demote ZEN to unstable
2016-09-21: Promote ZEN X-Fi to stable
2016-09-21: Demote ZEN X-Fi2 to unstable
2016-09-21: Promote ZEN X-Fi3 to stable
2016-09-21: Promote ZEN X-Fi Style to stable
2016-09-21: Promote ZEN Mozaic to stable
ALERT! 2016-09-20: Fix ZEN X-Fi3 recording keymap
ALERT! 2016-09-20: Fix Fuze+, ZEN X-Fi/2/3/Style and NWZ-E360/E370/380 recording gain (it was really low)
ALERT! 2016-08-14: Fix audio volume gap between playback and radio on the Fuze V2, Clip V2, Clip+, Clip Zip and YP-R0.
ALERT! 2016-08-14: New USB driver for Fuze V2, Clip V2, Clip+ and Clip Zip with greatly improved stability
ALERT! 2016-08-01: New USB driver for iPod 6G and Nano 2G with greatly improved stability
2016-06-11: Improve ZEN X-Fi3 battery calibration curve
2016-05-30: Improve ZEN X-Fi3 button map
2016-05-30: Improve ZEN X-Fi3 touchbutton drive to make it more responsive
DONE 2016-05-25: PluginOtp - one-time password client
2016-05-02: Improve Fuze+ touchbutton drive to make it more responsive (and avoid missing some presses sometimes)
2016-05-02: Charging now starts faster on the Fuze+, ZEN X-Fi/2/3/Style and NWZ-E360/E370/380. It previously had an initial delay that could be problematic on very low battery.
ALERT! 2016-05-02: Fix button readong NWZ-E360/E370/380. On some devices, some presses were not registered, especially at low or high temperature.
ALERT! 2016-05-02: Avoid discharging the battery after a complete charge on Fix Fuze+, ZEN X-Fi/2/3/Style and NWZ-E360/E370/380 (this will also apply to the bootloader on new bootloader releases)
ALERT! 2016-05-02: Avoid non-existent keypresses on the DX90. This fixes some right key presses being processed as left (!).
2016-04-13: Further extended battery life on the Fuze V2, Clip V2, Clip+ and Clip Zip by enabling dynamic voltage scaling
ALERT! 2016-03-18: Improved stability and error handling for USB and SD on Fuze V2, Clip V2, Clip+ and Clip Zip
ALERT! 2016-02-08: Fix volume management on the YP-R0 (especially huge volume gaps)
2016-01-21: Extended battery life on the Fuze V2, Clip V2, Clip+ and Clip Zip by enabling dynamic frequency scaling
ALERT! 2015-10-07: Improved charging and power management iPod Classic 6G
DONE 2015-10-07: Initial support for iAP on the iPod Classic 6G
DONE 2015-10-07: Recording support on the iPod Classic 6G
2015-02-04: Greatly improved metronome plugin
2015-01-19: Slightly improved audio quality on the Clip v2, Clip+, Fuze v2, and Clip Zip
DONE 2015-01-19: New DSP effects: perceptual base enhancement, fatigue reduction and Haas effect surround sound
DONE 2014-12-23: New XWorld plugin - Another World virtual machine
2014-12-10: Faster video playback on iPod 6G
ALERT! 2014-11-28: Fix seeking in long ASF files
2014-09-28: Rockblox now has a "ghost" piece
2014-09-28: Improved battery life on the Clip v2, Clip+, Clip Zip and Fuze v2
DONE 2014-09-24: New periodic table plugin
DONE 2014-09-18: Port to the iBasso DX50 and DX90 players
2014-09-13: Greatly improved AI in superdom plugin
DONE 2014-09-08: Fuze+ touchpad now has configurable deadzones between buttons
2014-08-29: New more efficient file system interface that speeds up disk access and reduces memory usage
2014-08-14: Fuze+ backlight control has been improved to reflect hardware capability
DONE 2014-08-08: New 2048 game
2014-07-13: Further optimize Opus
2014-06-20: New 24 bit display driver for targets with 24 bit displays (Zen series)
DONE 2014-06-29: Recording on Samsung YH-820/YH-92x
ALERT! 2014-04-15: Fix libmad playback on 64 bit devices
2014-03-18: Slightly improved audio quality on the iriver h100 and h300 series
2014-01-15: The theme engine is not disabled during USB anymore. This results in a less glitchy user interface during USB.
2014-01-15: The setting "Interpret numbers when sorting" (General Settings->File View) now affects the database as well, in case the tagnavi.config does not specify sufficient leading zeros FS#12888.
ALERT! 2014-01-14: Fix station art loading in FM screen
DONE 2014-01-13: Introduce volume limiter
ALERT! 2014-01-12: Fix various graphical glitches when using certain theme features
ALERT! 2013-12-29: Fix memory corruption when leaving USB mode
2013-12-15: New higher quality compressor with customizable attack time
DONE 2013-12-13: Add support for album art in FLAC files
ALERT! 2013-11-10: Improved support for iPod accessories
DONE 2013-11-04: Sound on the HiFi? E.T. MA9C?/MA8/MA8C
DONE 2013-10-21: Sound on the Creative ZEN, ZEN Mozaic and ZEN X-Fi
DONE 2013-09-24: Sound on the Sony NWZ-E360
DONE 2013-09-07: Sound on the Sony NWZ-E370
ALERT! 2013-09-05: Fix touchscreen lock on touch targets
DONE 2013-06-10: Enable software keyboard lock on radio screen for devices with no hardware lock switch
ALERT! 2013-05-22: Fix data abort handler on ARM
2013-05-22: Optimize SPC decoding for ARMv5
ALERT! 2013-05-19: Improved parsing and seeking in Opus files
DONE 2013-05-16: New high quality resampler for non-44.1kHz files
ALERT! 2013-04-26: Fix very long parsing time of some mp3 files
DONE 2013-04-20: Sound on the RCA RC3000A? digital boombox
ALERT! 2013-03-06: Improved support for VGM files
DONE 2013-03-04: More flexible EQ settings

Major changes in version 3.13

ALERT! 2013-01-24: Fix cache handling on PP and re-enable ATA DMA.
DONE 2012-11-22: Add support for 16 bit floating point WAV files
DONE 2012-11-13: Add GIF support to imageviewer
DONE 2012-09-17: Opus codec support

Major changes in version 3.12

DONE 2012-07-30: Ability to select folders for the database to scan instead of the whole file system, in the database settings.
2012-06-01: Improve parsing of playlists containing files on SD cards
DONE 2012-05-28: New option for Meier-based crossfeed
DONE 2012-05-19: Support for cp1252 ("WinLatin") default codepage
ALERT! 2012-04-16: Fix memory corruption when loading some themes: FS#12639
ALERT! 2012-04-05: Fix click sound when seeking in WMA Standard files
2012-03-20: Significantly improved battery life on the iPod Classic 6G

Major changes in version 3.11

2012-03-28: Promote Sansa c200v2 to Stable.
2012-03-12: Promote MPIO HD300 to Stable.
DONE 2012-02-25: Main menu customization (see Advanced Topics section of the manual)
2012-02-25: Sansa Clip (+,Zip) players can now return to WPS using the Home key: FS#12288
DONE 2012-12-17: Initial RDS support for Si4701/Si4703 tuner (beast and clip zip) -- FS#12370
DONE 2011-12-14: Support multichannel flacs including downmixing to stereo -- FS#12443, FS#12371
DONE 2011-12-13: USB enabled on Sansa AMSv2
DONE 2011-11-16: Sound on Sandisk Sansa Connect -- FS#12363
DONE 2011-11-16: iPod hardware clicker (after 5 years on the tracker!) -- FS#5111
DONE 2011-11-15: USB charger detection on the Cowon D2+ -- FS#12352
DONE 2011-11-15: User shortcuts in the main menu -- FS#12251
DONE 2011-11-11: Implemented GUI boost (timed out CPU boost during scroll activity). For now on scroll wheel targets only. -- FS#8668
DONE 2011-11-08: List icons and theme images can now have alpha information embedded, i.e. be transparent, using 32bit ARGB bitmaps. This removes the need for the magic magenta (#FF00FF) transparency, but this is still supported.
2011-11-08: List icons can now be arbitrarily sized, removing the old 24x24 limitation, and saving RAM for the default 12x12 icons.

Major changes in version 3.10

Branched from SVN r30927.

DONE 2011-09-09: Add a setting to "hide" the internal drive on devices with software USB and a card slot, to improve compatibility with e.g. some car audio systems that can only access the first drive. Committed in r30489.
2011-09-08: Backdrops and theme images (fonts followed on 2011-09-24) are now dynamically allocated, making up substantial RAM savings.
DONE 2011-09-06: All lists can now be drawn using the skin engine to give themers much more control of the whole look (and feel) of the UI. Committed in r30461.
DONE 2011-08-30: Beginning with r30380, the GSoC? buflib project is merged, and there's real dynamic memory management. From now on, much RAM can be saved by allocating memory in correct (instead of worst-case) sizes
DONE 2011-08-07: Add support for the new game music formats AY, GBS, HES, KSS, SGC, VGM and VGZ (FS#12176).
DONE 2011-08-07: Add support for embedded album art with ASF tags (FS#12218).
ALERT! 2011-08-06: Fix replaygain for WMA files (broken in 3.9).
ALERT! 2011-07-28: Fix decoding of some low bitrate WMA files.
DONE 2011-07-25: Add support for embedded album art with APEv2 tags (FS#12196).
2011-07-20: Revamp on disk playlist managment, make the catalog more useable. Committed in r30177.
2011-06-29: Fully-functional audio mixer enabling independent, stereo audio channels. Committed in r30097.

Major changes in version 3.9

Branched from SVN r30022.

2011-06-06: Performance optimizations for several audio codecs. (FS#11268, FS#12113, FS#12115, FS#12117)
2011-04-27: Major rework of playback engine. (FS#12069)
ALERT! 2011-04-22: Fix issues with iPod nano 2G displays caused by too low voltage supply. (FS#11911)
2011-04-18: Major rework of m4a parser to reduce memory consumption and enhance playability on low memory targets (FS#8923)
ALERT! 2011-03-29: Significant SD card compatibility improvements on AMSv2, particularly for devices with the newer SD controller variant (FS#11870)
ALERT! 2011-03-24: Fix scroll acceleration on the H10 (FS#12024)
2011-03-16: Implement more robust MPEG header parsing for better playability of mp1/2/3 files (FS#12007)
DONE 2011-03-15: Add support for embedded album art in MP4/M4A files (FS#12009)
DONE 2011-03-15: Line-in recording on the MPIO HD300
DONE 2011-03-05: Support for nice looking anti-aliased fonts added (FS#8961)

Major changes in version 3.8

Branched from SVN r29345.

DONE 2011-02-09: Added support for embedded album art (currently limited to mp3/id3v2 and jpeg)
ALERT! 2011-02-03: Improve playability of m4a files (ALAC, AAC-HE) (FS#11719, FS#11916).
ALERT! 2011-01-31: Improve seek/resume behaviour for m4a/mp4 files (FS#9306).
2011-01-26: Promote the Philips GoGear SA9200 to Unstable.
ALERT! 2011-01-22: Fix iPod nano 1G instability which was introduced with PP502x ATA DMA in V3.6 (FS#11830).
2011-01-08: Pong plugin now supports single-player mode, with the CPU controlling the opponent (FS#5855)
2011-01-07: Audio playback on iPod Classic gets a major speedup and now plays in realtime
ALERT! 2011-01-05: MP3 encoder now handles mono/stereo and different sampling rates properly (FS#5317, FS#10678)
DONE 2011-01-02: Initial iPod Classic port commit
2011-01-02: LCD speedup for the iPod nano 1G and iPod Photo/Color port (FS#11843)
DONE 2011-01-02: Automatic resume of incompletely played tracks (FS#11748)
DONE 2010-12-27: Sound on iPod Classic!
2010-12-12: Major LCD speedup for the iPod nano 2G port (FS#11807)
DONE 2010-12-12: New MikMod?-based module player plugin.
2010-12-06: Dircache is now enabled by default, speeding up some directory operations
2010-12-02: Major LCD speedup for the GoGear HDD63x0 port.
2010-12-02: Enable assembly optimizations on Android devices. Codecs now use far less CPU time on Android.
2010-11-22: All image viewers have been merged into a Universal Image Viewer.
2010-11-14: Playback supports all samples rates on iPod nano 2G.
2010-11-14: Implement LCD sleep and core voltage scaling for iPod nano 2G to improve battery runtime.
2010-11-10: Optimize ATRAC3 for ARMv5E and ARMv6 targets
DONE 2010-11-05: 20 pixels high font '20-Artwiz-Snap' (FS#9633)
ALERT! 2010-11-05: Fix radio detection for Philips GoGear? HDD16x0 and HDD63x0 (FS#11714).
2010-11-03: Promote the Philips GoGear HDD63x0 series to Unstable.
2010-11-02: Promote the Philips GoGear HDD16x0 series to Unstable.
ALERT! 2010-11-01: Fix Musepack playback on Coldfire (FS#11710).
ALERT! 2010-11-01: Fix hang when using wake-up Alarm for Sansa Clipv2, Clip+, Fuzev2 (FS#11453).
2010-10-31: Absolute point mode is now default on Application and Onda targets.
DONE 2010-10-31: Initial support for multimedia keys, used on Rockbox on Android.
DONE 2010-10-31: Improved experience on touchscreens with pixel accurate kinetic scrolling (FS#11686).
2010-10-24: Make iPod fm remote work on iPod nano 1G by enabling line-in monitoring, also enabled on iPod nano 2G, Color and 4G (FS#11559).

Major changes in version 3.7

Branched from SVN r28309.

2010-10-30: Promote the iPod nano 2G to stable.
ALERT! 2010-10-03: Fix major Musepack decoder failure (FS#11650).
ALERT! 2010-10-02: Fix playback of Musepack SV8 on low memory targets (FS#11476).
DONE 2010-10-02: New plugin: Resistor code calculator.
2010-09-05: Improve battery life on Sandisk Sansa Clipv1, c200v2, e200v2, Fuzev1 and m200v4
2010-08-31: iPod video builds now support players with both 32mb and 64mb optimally with a single build
DONE 2010-08-18: New shopping list plugin
2010-08-18: Improve playback rate accuracy (from 1.1% error down to 0.04%) on Sandisk Sansa ClipV2, Clip+ and FuzeV2
DONE 2010-07-28: Support for WMA Professional audio codec
2010-07-09: All ARM based devices now use EABI with gcc, saving large amounts of memory on many devices
2010-07-09: Major speed up of aac he profile.
2010-07-01: Speed up of aac decoder.
2010-06-29: Line out support for e200v2 and Fuzev1
2010-06-24: Increased maximum volume level on Clipv2, Clip+ and Fuzev2
2010-06-22: Sandisk Sansa Clip, c200v2, e200v2, Fuze and m200v4 now use Rockbox USB.
DONE 2010-06-16: Support the RDA5802 FM tuner used in some Sansa Clip+ and Fuzev2 players.
2010-06-07: Change the skin format. SkinBreakingChange for details. Much easier to read and work with now.
DONE 2010-06-06: Support USB charging (from computers or AC adapters) on all iPods. Chargers are not yet detected but can be used via a setting.
DONE 2010-06-04: 35 pixels high font '35-Nimbus' (FS#11271)
2010-05-30: Allow volume control down to -90 dB for WM8985 (e.g. Cowon D2). (FS#11240)

Major changes in version 3.6

DONE 2010-05-26: Upgraded/replaced hard disks are now supported on all disk-based players (except Archos). Drives over 137GB and drives with large physical sectors are both supported.
2010-05-15: Packard Bell Vibe 500 was promoted to stable
2010-05-14: Sandisk Sansa Clipv2, Clip+ and Fuzev2 were promoted to unstable
DONE 2010-05-13: Support True Audio codec.
DONE 2010-05-12: Skin support in the radio screen
DONE 2010-04-24: Rewind before resume
2010-04-10: Bookmarks store pitch and speed info.
DONE 2010-04-01: Hotkey support
DONE 2010-03-17: New features in text viewer plugin: global settings, per-file settings, header and footer, font selection, multiple bookmarks
DONE 2010-03-07: Support for Musepack SV8. Integration of decoder library v1.3.0.
DONE 2010-03-03: Histogram in recording screen. Only iriver h1x0/h3x0 for now.
DONE 2010-02-28: Support Sun Audio codec, Vox(Dialogic telephony formats), and Wave64 codecs.
DONE 2010-02-25: New Alarm Clock plugin. (FS#11056)
DONE 2010-02-24: Support SMAF codec.
DONE 2010-02-20: Support for Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Yamaha and other's ADPCM in WAV/AIFF
2010-02-19: New iMDCT library that improves battery life decoding Ogg Vorbis, WMA, AAC, ATRAC3, Cook, and AC3
2010-02-18: Packard Bell Vibe 500 was promoted to unstable
DONE 2010-02-16: Rockbox now supports playback of ATRAC3 audio in WAV/AT3 containers.
2010-02-15: ATRAC3 playback is realtime on ARM and Coldfire targets.
DONE 2010-02-13: Multifont support.
DONE 2010-02-12: Rockbox now supports playback of ATRAC3 audio in Sony OMA container.
DONE 2010-02-10: FFT - a frequency analyzer plugin.
DONE 2010-01-27: Support for floating point PCM in WAV and AIFF.

Major changes in version 3.5

2010-01-23: Allow volume control down to -90 dB for WM8758 (e.g. iPod Video). (FS#10082)
DONE 2010-01-20: Rockbox is functional on the Sansa e200v2 and Sansa Fuzev1
DONE 2010-01-17: New viewer plugin: Frotz (a Z-Machine interpreter, used to play interactive fiction). (FS#10370)
2010-01-15: Improved Mandelbrot plugin (now called Fractals)
DONE 2010-01-12: Playlist viewer in the WPS
ALERT! 2010-01-02: Improved compatibility with non-iTunes AAC files
2009-12-14: Calendar plugin support for non-rtc targets
DONE 2009-12-01: iPod 5G, 4G, Color and nano 1G now support the apple FM remote with RDS data text (FS#10494)
DONE 2009-11-24: Support displaying of diacritic characters. (FS#10720)
DONE 2009-10-24: New game plugin: Codebuster (a Mastermind clone). (FS#10497)
DONE 2009-10-19: Support for customisable statusbars using the skin engine and .sbs files.
DONE 2009-10-05: Right To Left support for Hebrew and Arabic languages in the menus. (FS#10650)
2009-10-02: Support for gapless playback of iTunes encoded MP3 files
2009-09-30: Added switchable USB HID keypad modes. (FS#10468)
DONE 2009-09-26: %Sx tag added for localisation of the WPS
DONE 2009-09-25: DSP limiter replaced by a dynamic range compressor

Major changes in version 3.4

DONE 2009-09-08: New Pitch Detector plugin (FS#8768)
DONE 2009-08-18: DSP limiter
DONE 2009-08-16: Viewports are now available for the user interface. (FS#8799)
DONE 2009-08-04: Support for RealMedia files containing AC3 audio.
DONE 2009-07-25: Support for RealMedia files containing AAC audio.
DONE 2009-07-25: New viewer plugin to display PNG images on color LCD targets (FS#9493)
DONE 2009-07-08: New game plugin: Clix (a Same Game clone). (FS#8925)
DONE 2009-07-06: Support for RealMedia files containing Cook audio.
ALERT! 2009-06-20: Database stability improvements.
DONE 2009-06-16: Touchscreen calibration screen added.
DONE 2009-06-12: Timestretching added - allows speed and pitch to be set independently. (FS#8894)
DONE 2009-05-23: You are now able to control your PC music player app using your DAP with USB HID while connected
DONE 2009-03-01: New alternative default sorting algorithm, which is number-aware. (FS#8314)
DONE 2009-02-25: USB enabled on most remaining devices (PP5020, PP5022, and PP5024 targets).

Major changes in version 3.3

2009-05-31: Pictureflow can now start and control playback
DONE 2009-05-21: Rockbox now supports scripting using the Lua language
2009-05-01: Rockbox can now read JPEGs for Album Art. (JPEG decoder added to core)
2009-04-09: Increased battery life on some targets by preventing WPS from updating while backlight is off.
DONE 2009-02-25: USB enabled on H10, M:robe 100, Sansa e200v1/c100v1.

Major changes in version 3.2

DONE 2009-03-10: The m:robe 500 has sound through the Rockbox PCM interface.
2009-03-08: Faster text/graphics rendering on colour targets and in the greyscale library, speeding up list scrolling noticeably on iPod Video.
DONE 2009-03-06: PictureFlow supports all targets except Archos Player, and can function during playback on all non-Archos targets.
DONE 2009-02-21: Add LCD sleep/wakeup for iPod Video (5G, 5.5G) which allows significant increase of battery runtime.
DONE 2009-02-11: New game, Goban plugin.
DONE 2009-01-11: Battery charging on Sansa e200v1/c200v1.
DONE 2008-12-27: PictureFlow resizes cover art on load, and supports greyscale targets.
DONE 2008-12-25: Preliminary support for iPod accessories.
2008-10-30: Archos flash packages: Optimized UCL decompressor in the bootloader for faster boot.

Major changes in version 3.1

DONE 2008-12-09: Album art resizing.
DONE 2008-12-09: FM radio support on Gigabeat S.
DONE 2008-11-26: Software controlled backlight fading for targets without hardware fading (e200v1, c200v1, X5, Cowon D2 and H300)
2008-11-03: Customisable options in the QuickScreen
2008-10-25: Calendar plugin on all RTC equipped targets
2008-10-08: Configurable mono recording mode
2008-10-07: Support for version 1.1 scrobbler log files
2008-10-03: APE playback optimized
2008-09-21: MP3 playback optimized for dual-core targets

Major changes in version 3.0

DONE 2008-09-05: Initial support for the Onda VX767
2008-08-06: Redesigned recording screen
DONE 2008-07-27: SAP codec
DONE 2008-07-14: Initial support for the Onda VX747
2008-07-14: study mode renamed to "Skip Length"
DONE 2008-07-07: Added keybox plugin.
2008-06-23: Change the progressbar tags, and remove the left margin tag from the WPS, details in CustomWPS
DONE 2008-06-23: Add conditional viewports to the WPS, details in CustomWPS
DONE 2008-06-10: md5sum plugin added.
DONE 2008-05-21: MOD codec support added.
DONE 2008-05-21: Initial support for the Philips GoGear SA9200.
DONE 2008-05-04: Added study mode.
DONE 2008-05-03: Sound on the Gigabeat S.
2008-05-03: QuickScreen converted to viewports and now using the UI font allowing translation.
DONE 2008-04-24: Initial support for the Creative Zen Vision:M
DONE 2008-04-23: Lamp (originally "flashlight") plugin
DONE 2008-03-23: New bitmap strips feature in the WPS - see the description of the %xl and %xd tags in CustomWPS for details.
DONE 2008-03-23: The iAudio M3 is now a supported target.
DONE 2008-03-21: Viewport tag added for WPS, syntax to be found on CustomWPS
DONE 2008-03-18: The Olympus m:robe 100 is now a supported target.
2008-02-23: New default theme: cabbie 2.0.
2008-02-10: Improved power management on PortalPlayer targets (iPods, Sansas, H10, etc...), resulting in increased battery life.
2008-01-04: All new greyscale library with improved performance.
2008-01-03: Improved UI and seeking support for the video player.
DONE 2007-12-09: PictureFlow: A nice animated visualization for album art.
DONE 2007-11-26: Matrix Demo for all non-mono bitmap displays.
2007-11-24: Removed the non-working hardware equalizer for iPod Video. Provide working bass/treble gain and cutoff settings instead.
DONE 2007-11-23: Initial USB Stack for PortalPlayer 502X based devices (iPod 4G, Photo/Color, 5G, 5.5G, nano 1G, 2G Mini, iRiver H10, Sansa e200, Sansa c200). Does not support file transfer yet, just charging.
DONE 2007-11-19: Proper scroll wheel acceleration for click wheel iPod targets (4G, Photo/Color, 5G, 5.5G, nano 1G and 2G Mini)
DONE 2007-11-18: New Speex-based voice file format on SWCODEC targets. All non-Archos voice users need to update their voice files and talk clips.
DONE 2007-11-14: Alarm support on H10.
DONE 2007-11-14: New %m WPS tag to set a left margin.
DONE 2007-11-12: Hardware controlled backlight brightness for the iPod Nano 1G and iPod Video.
DONE 2007-11-11: FM tuner support on iriver H10.
DONE 2007-11-11: Rockbox can now display album art!
2007-11-06: MicroSD support on Sansa c200.
2007-11-03: Disk power control on all HDD based iPods (1st ..3rd generation already did that for a while) for increased runtime.
2007-10-25: Metadata-on-Buffer committed; this involves a largely rewritten playback buffering engine.
2007-10-17: Big speed increase in PluginMpegplayer for ColdFire based targets. (Iaudio x5 and m5, Iriver h100 and h 300)
ALERT! 2007-10-11: The problems with the Sansa bootloader failing to start the OF should be fixed with the newly released sansapatcher 0.5
2007-09-27: Improved line selector. Colours are now customisable and a gradient is possible.
DONE 2007-09-06: Sound on Sansa c200.
ALERT! 2007-09-05: The notorious LCD bug on newer Sansa e200 models is fixed.
DONE 2007-09-04: The SanDisk Sansa e200R models are now Rockboxed!
2007-08-31: Minor keymap change to allow almost full functionality just using the cross on Gigabeats: The roles of A and Select have been swapped in the WPS.
DONE 2007-08-22: Added support for MicroSDHC cards on Sansa e200.
2007-08-08: Added support for grouping tags.
2007-08-06: Significantly improved battery runtime on PP5002 targets iPod (1st, 2nd and 3rd gen). A rockboxed 2nd gen exceeded the runtime stated by apple in a runtime test.
2007-08-06: Organise the plugins into categories.
DONE 2007-08-06: Make several splashes and confirmation screens speak.
2007-08-05: Voice file changes. Older voices no longer work, now all voice files are target-specific.
DONE 2007-08-03: iPod 3rd gen is now officially a supported target
2007-08-03: Added support for the disc number tag
DONE 2007-08-02: Superdom game
DONE 2007-07-27: Sound on iPod 2nd Gen! (That's the FireWire iPod, not the nano 1G!)
2007-07-25: Jackpot support for bitmap targets
2007-07-10: User configurable recording path
DONE 2007-07-03: WMA codec initial support
2007-06-30: MicroSD card support now works on the Sansa!
DONE 2007-06-30: Reversi game
DONE 2007-06-29: Rocklife plugin
DONE 2007-06-28: Maze game
DONE 2007-06-17: Custom filetype colour feature introduced
2007-06-06: FM Radio now works on the Sansa!
DONE 2007-06-05: Monkey's Audio support
2007-06-05: Recording now works on Sansa.
DONE 2007-05-23: The 80GB iPod Video is now supported by Rockbox.
DONE 2007-05-19: WAV recording working as a plugin on Archos (Recorder V1, V2, FM and Ondio FM).
2007-04-27: Gigabeat keyboard mapping got changed. Basically A and POWER were switched to prevent accidental shutdowns.
2007-04-21: New bootloader released for Gigabeat F/X - an upgrade to this bootloader (follow the install instructions in the manual) is required to use current Rockbox builds.
DONE 2007-04-16: Icons in the menus and file browser are now customizable.
2007-04-10: New format for WPS RTC tag : it is now split into several tags. Custom WPS files will need to be updated (see the new tags).
2007-04-12: Switch to mi4 format for Rockbox binary on H10 and Sansa. Users with bootloaders older than 20 March 2007 will have to update. Up to date ones are already on since that date.
DONE 2007-04-09: WAV file viewer
2007-04-04: WPS tokenizer: Rewritten WPS code. There shouldn't be any apparent change. Please report problems on the support thread.
DONE 2007-03-28: Full unicode support for the Archos Player. Added mappings and glyphs for extended latin, cyrillic, greek and (for new LCD) halfwidth katakana.
2007-03-25: File rebuffering (i.e. support for playing long files) in Mpeg Player.
2007-03-20: rockbox.* file moved inside /.rockbox directory, requiring an update to the latest bootloader.
2007-03-18: Volume control for the Mpeg Player.
DONE 2007-03-11: Sound on the Sansa e200!
DONE 2007-03-04: Rockbox runs and plays music on the iAudio M5!
2007-03-04: Dual processor support added for PortalPlayer (iPods, H10, Sansa) targets, requiring an update to the latest bootloader.
DONE 2007-03-01: Add the Rockbox Menu
DONE 2007-02-26: Add software based bass/treble controls for targets that lack these in hardware.
DONE 2007-02-23: First steps at support for the Sansa e200R models
DONE 2007-02-16: Chopper game
DONE 2007-02-14: Cuesheet support
DONE 2007-02-14: Icons in the menus
DONE 2007-02-14: SPC codec
DONE 2007-02-12: Gigabeat Cradle USB Support
DONE 2007-02-11: New WPS theme : 'Rockboxed'
DONE 2007-02-10: Album Artist and Comment Tag Support
DONE 2007-02-09: Speex Codec Support
2007-02-08: Beginning of the conversion to the new menu system
2007-02-06: Rockboy for the X5, H10, and iPod nano 1G.
2007-02-04: iPod, Sansa e200 and iriver h10 can now distinguish a charger from a real USB connection.
DONE 2007-02-03: Backlight and RTC support for Sansa.
DONE 2007-02-01: USB charging for iriver H300.
DONE 2007-01-31: Invadrox, a Space Invaders clone.
DONE 2007-01-25: NSF codec.
2007-01-23: Settings are now saved to /.rockbox/config.cfg and the hidden config sector is not used anymore.
DONE 2007-01-16: BlackJack plugin for all bitmap lcd targets
DONE 2007-01-08: RomBox for iriver H120/140
2007-01-05: Toshiba Gigabeat X and F series get Rockblox
DONE 2007-01-02: Mazezam, a puzzle game for all bitmap lcd targets
DONE 2007-01-01: Initial audio support for Mpeg Player
DONE 2006-12-29: Toshiba Gigabeat X and F series builds added to Daily and CVS Build with Audio
2006-12-20: Bootloaders changed for iPod, iriver H10 and Sansa e200. Update both bootloader and Rockbox image!
DONE 2006-12-17: Recording on iPod 4G/5G/nano and H10
2006-12-11: initial version of rbtool (installer tool) is now in cvs
2006-12-08: file extension "m4b" added for AAC files
2006-12-04: auto-detect 2048 bytes block size (iPod 5.5G)
DONE 2006-11-30: file propert
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