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The File Browser

What is the File Browser?

The File Browser, as its name implies, allows you to browse through the files and folders on your jukebox. The File Browser is Rockbox's main screen.

Entering the File Browser

Archos jukeboxes  
iriver H1xx series Press the joystick button.
iriver H3xx series Press the NAVI button.

Navigating the File Browser

Archos models

iriver models

The following buttons are used to navigate the File Browser:

ON/PLAY Enters the While Playing Screen.  
OFF/STOP Stops music playback. Turns jukebox off.
Joystick press (H1xx series) or NAVI button (H3xx series) If a file is selected, plays the file. If a plug-in is selected, runs the plug-in. If a folder is selected, opens the folder. Enters the File Menu
UP, DOWN Moves up or down a single line. Scrolls up or down one file at a time.
ON/PLAY + UP/DOWN Moves up or down an entire page. Scolls up or down one page at a time.
RIGHT Plays the highlighted audio file, runs the selected plug-in, or opens the selected folder. Same as short press.
LEFT Returns to the parent of the current folder. In the root folder, has no effect. Moves up the folder tree.
RECORD Turns on the backlight. Turns on the backlight.
A-B Enters the Main Menu. Enters the Quick Menu.
Play + A-B Displays a file's ID3 tag information. Displays a file's ID3 tag information.

Configuring the File Browser

The File Browser can be configured using the File View submenu. You can control the types of files shown in the file browser, the order in which files and directories are sorted in the File Browser, and more. To access the File View submenu:
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