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The File Context Menu

This menu operates on the file that was selected in the browser at the time that the File Context Menu was invoked. It offers the following options:

IDEA! To enter the File Context Menu:

Archos Player / Recorders While a file is selected in the File Browser, press and hold the PLAY button, or press ON+PLAY
Archos Ondio While a file is selected in the File Browser, press and hold the RIGHT button
iriver H100 series While a file is selected in the File Browser, press and hold the joystick button, or press PLAY + joystick button
iriver H300 series While a file is selected in the File Browser, press and hold the NAVI button, or press PLAY+NAVI


The playlist submenu may be invoked either on a track, a directory, or a playlist. If the playlist submenu is invoked on a track, it will act only on that track. If the playlist submenu is invoked on a directory, it will act on all the files within that directory. If invoked on a playlist, it will act on all the files in that playlist. The playlist submenu provides the following options:

Insert Positions file after previous file added to playlist, (if previously added file was Insert last, then, Insert positions new file after that one.
Insert next Positions file after now playing file, (to be played next after now playing). .
Insert last Positions file last in your playlist.
Insert shuffled Insert files randomly into playlist
Queue Queue is the same as Insert except queued tracks are deleted immediately from the playlist after they've been played. Also, queued tracks are not saved to the playlist file.
Queue next Queue file immediately after Now Playing file.
Queue last Queue file last in playlist.
Queue shuffled Queue files randomly into playlist.

TIP Helpful hints
  • Note that Inserted tracks remain in the playlist unless manually removed, while Queued tracks are automatically removed from the playlist after they are played.
  • To Playlist option in the WPS Context Menu to view, save or reshuffle the current playlist.
  • If you want to have Rockbox create a playlist of a whole folder (to play an entire album, for example), use the File Browser to select the song. When a single song is selected from the File Browser, Rockbox will automatically create a playlist with all songs in the current folder. However, if you want to play only a single file and then stop, stop playback, navigate to the file you want to play, and use the Insert function on this menu.

IDEA! For step-by-step instructions on creating, editing and saving an on-the-fly playlist, see this page of iriver playlist instructions.


Deletes the current file. Rockbox will ask for confirmation before deleting a file. Press PLAY to confirm deletion or any other key to cancel.

ALERT! Rockbox does not utilize the recycling bin. Files and folders that are deleted are permanently deleted. Use these functions with caution.

Open with

Runs a viewer plugin on the file. Normally the filetype of a file is detected and the appropriate plugin is run automatically when you press play on it. Use this menu if for some reason you want to override the default action and select a viewer by hand. See page ViewerPlugin for more details on viewers. For example, this would be used to run the VBRfix plugin to recreate the Xing header for an MP3 file, which can fix problems such as fast-forward and rewind not working correctly on a particular MP3 file or the play time of a track being listed incorrectly.

Create Directory

Makes a new folder in the current folder on the disk.
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