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The Rockbox Main Menu


The main menu is the screen from which the rest of the Rockbox functions can be accessed. It is used for a variety of functions, which are detailed below.

All settings are persistently stored on the unit. However, Rockbox does not spin up the disk solely for the purpose of saving settings, but instead will save them when it spins up the disk the next time, for example when refilling the audio buffer or navigating through the file browser. Changes to settings may therefore not be saved unless the jukebox is shut down safely.

Accessing the Main Menu

You can access the Rockbox main menu by pressing MENU (player/studio version), F1 (recorder version), or A-B (iriver version) key. All options in Rockbox can be controlled via this menu. Some of them can also be found in the Quick Menu (Recorder and iriver versions only).

Main Menu Options

The Main Menu is structured as follows:

Main Menu Item Submenu Options
Recent Bookmark None None
Sound Settings Volume 0 to 100%
Bass 0 to 24
Treble 0 to 8 in increments of 2
Stereo Width  
General Settings Playback Shuffle
  Play Selected First
  Resume on Startup
  Anti-Skip Buffer
  Fade on Stop/Pause
  Crossfade (Iriver H1xx series only)
  Crossfade duration (iriver H1xx series only)
  Replaygain (iriver H1xx series only)
  Beep volume (iriver H1xx series only)
  Optical output (iriver H1xx series only)
  ID3 tag priority
  Move to Next Folder
  Gather runtime data (experimental)
File view Sort Case Sensitive
  Sort Directories
  Sort Files
  Show Files
  Follow Playlist
  Show Icons
Display Options Browse fonts
  Browse .wps files
  LCD Settings
  Remote-LCD Settings (Iriver series H1xx only)
  Peak Meter
  Bidi Hebrew/Arabic
System Battery
  Time and Date (Archos Recorder Only)
  Idle Poweroff
  Sleep Timer
  Wake up alarm (Archos Recorder v2/FM only)
  Car Adapter Mode
  Line In (Archos Player only)
Bookmarking Bookmark on Stop
  Load Last Bookmark
  Maintain a List of Recent Bookmarks
Voice Voice Menus
  Voice Directories
  Voice Filenames
FM Radio (FM Recorder, Ondio FM, iriver*)  
Recording (not yet implemented on iriver)    
Manage Settings Browse .cfg files  
Browse Firmwares  
Reset Settings  
Write .cfg file  
Playlist Options Create Playlist  
View Current Playlist  
Save Current Playlist  
Recursively Insert Directory  
Browse Plugins    
Info Show ID3 info  
Rockbox Info  
Debug (Keep Out!)  
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