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Discussion of a new structure for the manual

New Structure

As already started brainstorming it would be good to rework the manual structure making it easier for new users to catch the relevant information for starting first. Also, some chapters are a bit strangely sorted.

Issue What needs to be done Status Worked on by who?
Quick start chapter Subsections "first contact", "rockbox concept", "menu overview", "customizing" brainstorming  

Proposed Structure

  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome
    2. Getting more help (big hint to the tracker guidelines!)
    3. Naming conventions
  2. Installation
    1. Prerequisites (zip, recognize your drive letter, text editor for cfg / wps (note unicode)
    2. Installing the bootloader (name the rescue mode if any exists, also introduce bootloader usb mode if available)
    3. Installing rockbox (note the extra fonts package)
    4. Updating rockbox
    5. Uninstalling rockbox (note the possibility to leave the bootloader, e.g. for bootloader usb mode if present)
  3. Quick Start
    1. "First Contact" (starting the player, what you'll be looking at now with default settings, guide to the next ...)
      1. starting the player
      2. the default view
      3. basic controls
    2. The Rockbox concept(s): playlists, main screens, etc.
      1. main screen is the file browser
      2. playlists
      3. menus
      4. context menus
    3. Menu Overview (with the complete menu structure)
    4. Customizing Rockbox (esp. Themes, external ressources)
  4. The Main Menu
    1. like already there
  5. Sound Settings
    1. already there
  6. General Settings
    1. already there
  7. Plugins
    1. Overview
    2. Plugins split into groups like already done
  8. Advanced Configuration
    1. Customizing the UI, cfg files
    2. Themes
    3. wps
    4. Rolo
  9. Appendix
    1. supported file formats
    2. wps tags
    3. cfg values
    4. feedback
    5. changelog?
    6. credits
    7. license for rockbox
    8. license for the manual
r3 - 14 Aug 2006 - 22:52:53 - DominikRiebeling

Copyright by the contributing authors.