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Manual Todo


This page is used to organize work being done on the documentation. See also ManualFixmes which contains a list of places in the manual marked with the \fixme macro, and here's a quick-link to all of the open tasks in the tracker related to the manual: link. If you decide to tackle a particular issue, please add your name to the "Worked on by who?" column so that work isn't repeated, and remove the entry when you've completed it.


General Issues

Issue What needs to be done Worked on by who?

Chapter Specific

Chapter What needs to be done Worked on by who?
General Settings System Keyclick setting is missing. see FS#10491


The following plugins have issues to be addressed, and we also need to decide if the docs for plugins should exist solely in the manual or not - as it stands, they are duplicated by the wiki, making maintenance more difficult.

Plugin Status Worked on by who?
Doom initial attempt started, still needs to look after everything thats not documented yet. RobertMenes (I have some work done in my local trunk)
Jackpot please verify  
Jewels Needs Checking  
Text Viewer needs descriptions of new options minor corrections etc  
Text Editor Description is very sparse and lacks keymaps of the two menus  

Wiki Stuff

We need to decide which of the following pages contain information which is better suited to the manual or the wiki as it's redundant and more difficult to maintain having them in both places. I've started sorting them but feel free to move them around as you see fit.

Leave in the Wiki

Move to the Manual

Ideas For The Future

Idea Who?

Ideas for New Manual Structure

See ManualStructureTalk.

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