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The WPS Context Menu

IDEA! To enter the WPS Context Menu:

Archos Player / Recorders From the WPS, press and hold the PLAY button.
Archos Ondio [need keymapping
iriver H100 series From the WPS, press and hold the joystick button.
iriver H300 series From the WPS, press and hold the NAVI button.

Sound Settings

This is a shortcut to the Sound Settings submenu of the Main Menu.


The Playlist menu contains the following options:

View Current Playlist Views the current playlist. From within the playlist, using the context button (the button that you used to access the WPS Context Menu) to Remove or Move files in the playlist. You can also access the File Context Menu by selecting "File Options."
Save Current Playlist Saves the current playlist.
Reshuffle Shuffles the current playlist.

TIP You can exit the Playlist menu by pressing the STOP button or the LEFT arrow.


Create Bookmark

While playing a track, use this option to save your current position within the track so that you can return to it at a later time. Bookmarks are saved on a per folder basis. In other words, all of the files in the same folder have their bookmarks stored together. You can store multiple bookmarks for the same track.

Show ID3 Info

Displays the contents of all the ID3 tags associated with the file. Use the UP and DOWN keys to navigate the ID3 tags.

Open with

Runs a viewer plugin on the file. Normally the filetype of a file is detected and the appropriate plugin is run automatically when you press play on it. Use this menu if for some reason you want to override the default action and select a viewer by hand. See page ViewerPlugin for more details on viewers. For example, this would be used to run the VBRfix plugin to recreate the Xing header for an MP3 file, which can fix problems such as fast-forward and rewind not working correctly on a particular MP3 file or the play time of a track being listed incorrectly.

Graphical EQ

This is a shortcut to the Graphic Equalizer.

Browse EQ Presets

This option allows you to browse your custom EQ presets. It is the same as the Browse EQ Presets submenu of the Main Menu.


This option allows you to raise and lower the pitch of the song playing.

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