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Wiki > Main > RockboxDevelopment > MenuSettingsRecoding (r44)

Menu & settings recoding effort

The aim

  • To shrink the binary size
  • To make reordering the menu simpler
  • To manage settings more easily and more centralised.


It is almost fiished.

What needs fixing

(list any bugs, settings which act wierd, dont work, things needing adding)
  • Check each setting to make sure the config stirng is correct and correct values are used
  • RECORDING menus/settings need checking (done)
  • FM region, and dithering options need menu items (done)
  • Browsing languages (General settings-> Language) doesn't work, the disk spins up when selecting it but nothing else happends. (H300) cvs061119+patch v26 (fixed in v27 -- JonathanGordon - 19 Nov 2006)
  • The A-B button (H300) does no longer go up one level in the menu, instead it does nothing. cvs061119+patch v26 (fixed in v27 -- JonathanGordon - 19 Nov 2006)
  • Breaks H1x0, H3x0, iPod4g (and probably other) simulator builds. cvs20061120+v27 -- SteveBavin - 20 Nov 2006 (fixed, if this comes up agai remove the #include "menu.h" for uisimulator/common/stubs.c )
  • Breaks iPod4G, H1x0, H3x0 (and probably other) Normal builds. cvs20061120+v27 DavideGentile (note: cvs20061119 normal build works for H1x0 and H3x0, but not for iPod4G) (you must have had a bad tree... nothin wrong here...)


  • (v1-16 really not needed anymore)
  • v17 fixed code to conform to 80char width, more fixes, no compile warnings, possibly ready for commit
  • v18 themes now load correctly, apart from some minor code cleanup this is almost ready to commit
  • v19 fix more compile warnings/errors, disable ata_callback becuase it made dircache Stkov!
  • v20 fixed stuff mentioned in the forum thread, no nano build because it still crashes on load for some reason
  • v21 fixed the ipod build from crashing on settings reset
  • v22 added user menus, (look for explanation)
  • v23 removed user menus, moved code around to be neater, the menus are mostly in apps/menus/*.c now, other minor fixes
  • v24 resynced after a month of no activity, crossfade/feed settings need to be checked. fm region, and dithering options need menu items
  • v25 resynced, crossfade/feed settings were correct.. fix the cpu boost problem, almost commitable..
  • v26 tiny bit of fixing, add the missing files
  • v27 force the settings to be saved on shutdown and usb. ata_idle_notify stuff isnt reliable enough for this. fixed the 2 bugs reporte by n1s, more minor stuff
  • v27.1 As much revamp of recording menus as possible atm. Some changes for real value use in recording.
  • v28 merged Michael's recording settings, Made the menu callbacks more logical

Comments, questions, discussion....

Lastly, big thanks to everyone that helps out.

I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
changes-27.1.patchpatch changes-27.1.patch manage 292.0 K 22 Nov 2006 - 12:08 MichaelSevakis recording menu updates
changes.patchpatch changes.patch manage 238.8 K 30 Nov 2006 - 07:25 JonathanGordon The big diff! - v29
rockbox.ipodipod rockbox.ipod manage 386.5 K 25 Sep 2006 - 13:09 JonathanGordon rockbox.ipod for the nano (using v22 patch)
rockbox.iriveririver rockbox.iriver manage 342.3 K 20 Nov 2006 - 17:40 DavideGentile H1x0, cvs20061119+v27
r44 - 30 Nov 2006 - 07:25:59 - JonathanGordon

Copyright by the contributing authors.