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Mini 2440 Port


The Mini2440 is a FriendlyARM Single-Board Computer, typically supplied with a 3.5 inch TFT display, although other display options are available. It has similar core hardware to a Gigabeat F.

This port was started by the developers of Lyre project. See the dedicated project page to find more information on how to do JTAG debug, HDD and other hacks.

Here is a small video recorded on 2009.11.03 that shows Rockbox playing music on Mini2440:

There is an ongoing work to design in 3D a plastic enclosure for Mini2440, and be able to print on cheap 3D printers like RepRap. Casainho already designed one very first version and shared his source files on Thinkiverse. Pictures of actual enclosure:

Current Status

Initial work has now been mostly completed. All code for this Target is now in SVN.

Rockbox loads from an SD card and plays audio. The basic drivers are functional.

Device Status
LCD driver 90%
SD driver 60%
Button driver 100%
ADC driver 100%
USB handler 0%
Touch driver 80%
I2C driver 100%
Audio DAC driver 90%
Uart driver 90%

Outstanding issues:
  • A bug in the SD driver means that SD accesses are a lot slower than they should be
  • Flashing of the Rockbox bootloader requires JTAG connection


You can find a full listing of the Hardware at:

Installing the Rockbox Bootloader

Currently the Bootloader must be installed in NOR Flash via JTAG. You can find a description on what to do here:

You can use any suitable JTAG method to achieve this, but methods known to work are the FriendlyARM supplied H-JTAG (Windows), and OpenOCD (Windows, Unix). H-JTAG supports the supplied parallel port adapter, OpenOCD supports parallel adapter and also the Olimex ARM-USB-TINY adapter (Windows, Unix).

If you use the included parallel port JTAG adapter with H-JTAG (Windows), make sure to configure H-JTAG as it is described in the manual, and load the init and flash scripts. Then you can just flash the bootloader.bin to the beginning of NOR flash at address 0x0.

Attention: after you first flash the Rockbox bootloader, the bootloader will enable the MMU as soon as the Mini2440 is reset, and the NOR Flash is no longer mapped at address 0x0. If you need to reflash the Rockbox bootloader, ensure that the command "SoftReset" is the first line in the Init Script (H-JTAG), or use soft-reset-halt in OpenOCD. These commands disable the MMU, and allow the NOR Flash to be accessed at address 0x0.

Installing Rockbox

Currently the bootloader expects Rockbox to be on a SD Card.

Make sure your SD card has a partition and is formatted as FAT32. Then just build Rockbox with "make zip" and unzip to your SD card.

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