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Mio C510 / C710


This is the page for the Mio C510 and C710 devices.


The Mio C510 and C710 are GPS/DPA devices running WinCE? .NET 4.2. They features 4 hardware buttons (power, menu, volume up/down), a reset button, an on/off power switch and a touchscreen. They also features a speaker. The following chips can be found on the PCB:
  • VP1020-N: Voice Processor
  • WM8976: Stereo CODEC With Speaker Driver
  • LC4064ZC?-75MN6: 3.3V/2.5V/1.8V In-System Programmable SuperFAST? TM High Density PLDs
  • GSC3f-7879: SirF? Star III
  • K4M561633G?: DRAM
  • K9F4G08U0??: Flash
  • B6150H1?: BRF6150 bluetooth v1.2 compliant
  • 922Z: ISL6292 Li-ion/Li Polymer Battery Charger
  • 68TI: LTC3411EMS? ?
  • 4855: FAN4855 500mA High Efficiency Boost Regulator with Adjustable Output, Shutdown and Low Battery Detect
  • S3C2440L?-40: Samsung S3C2440? SoC
  • GNS GmbH?: TMC receiver ? (only C710)

Recovery mode

The Mio C510 and C710 feature a recovery mode accessible by hard powering down the device and then powering up holding the volume down button. It has several menus to update uboot or wince. The bootloader can be safely overwritten using the WinCE? SD/MMC update. It is also possible to boot WinCE? by holding menu and volume up.

PCB Scans


Here is a list of all the pins used by the OF. Direction only applies to GPIO.
Pin Dir*/*Function Component Comment
GPB9 output Battery  
GPG1 input Battery Charge source present ?
GPG8 input Battery  
GPG9 input Battery Battery charging ?
GPG10 input Battery  
GPG11 output Battery Charging led color
GPH0 nCTS0 Bluetooth UART[0] CTS
GPH1 nRTS0 Bluetooth UART[0] RTS
GPH2 TXD[0] Bluetooth UART[0] TX
GPH3 RXD[0] Bluetooth UART[0] RX

-- AmauryPouly - 21 Jun 2012
r2 - 21 Jun 2012 - 21:18:42 - AmauryPouly

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