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MobiBLU Information

Known Player Composition

  • Sigmatel 3520 chip (STMP3520 B144E-TA6 U00030 0538; see SDK information for what this means); see also: SigmaTelSTMP3xxx
    • Features include USB 2.0 PHY, batter charger, and 18 bits audio codec.
    • This chip contains a Motorola DSP 56004 with a filter coprocessor for FIR and IIR filters. The core runs at 75.6 MHz (at most) at Vdd > 1.92 V.
    • PDF Chip Schematics - Diagrams of actual components of chips (copy and paste link into browser)
    • PDF Chip information
    • More general chip information - A webpage displaying how chips interact with other DAP components
    • PDF More general chip information - Feature chart comparing different chip capabilities
    • PDF Technical chip information - A guide assessing different parts of a DAP
    • PDF SDK information - Provided by Sigmatel; identifies developer software and boards as well as some chip information
    • Custom FW - Development of custom FW, tools and FW base for any Sigmatel stmp35xx.
  • Samsung 543 NAND memory (SAMSUNG 543 K9W8G08U1M PCBO CAI643CA)
  • Li-ion battery (PR-622020 5J0600021 I484ER01AI)
    • Not much is really known about this battery. In the DAH-1500 and DAH-1500s players, they use a cell battery, but the battery in this model is a bag-type. One DAH-1500i however did have a cell (a 180mAh), so the battery seems to vary per player. No idea about who makes this particular one.
    • Disassembling the DAH-1500i - Has battery specs as well as user contributions

Photos of Internal Components

Front View Back View
Front_Chip_Small.jpg Back_Chip_Small.jpg
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