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Motorola DSP56k


The Motorola DSP56k series is a 24-bit digital signal processor architecture from Motorola. The smallest addressable unit in the DSP56k is 24 bits; for pointers, only the lower 16 bits is used, supporting at most 192 kilooctets of RAM. A DSP56004-compatible core is used in the somewhat popular SigmaTelSTMP3xxx digital audio player system-on-a-chip package.

Compilers for older series, including 560xx, 5616x, 563xx and 566xx are hard to come by; there are several incomplete ports of GCC, and a few open source assemblers, dating back to early 1990s. The 568xx series, however, has a freely downloadable IDE and an adequate-seeming port of GCC from 2004.




DSP563xx and DSP566xx

  • Suite56: Assembler, linker and simulator tools (but no compiler?) for 563xx and 566xx series, available from Freescale web site, for free after registration
  • gcc-dsp563: A port of GCC version 1.37.1 for DSP563xx series. Last known port version 1.29 available at (also includes a port of GDB 3.5)


  • Freescale CodeWarrior IDE with compilers, simulators, debuggers, examples, etc for Windows. The entire 360MB download is available from Freescale web site for free after registration.
  • DSP56800 Toolchain: a port of GCC version 3.3.2, GNU binutils, debugger, assembler, etc. Latest web site activity from April 2004. Available from
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