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Mr. Someone's formal To Do list


So the running joke in IRC is that "Mr. Someone" will do whatever was being discussed that was agreed needs to be done but no one has the time to do it. This page lists those somethings. We hope people coming to the project looking for a way in might help us out.

NOTE... this is NOT for general feature requests.. this is intended for tasks which have been (in principle) agreed on and just needs someone to do it.

The list


  • Organise settings_list.c so related settings are grouped (order doesn't really matter here).
  • DataBase needs work... quite a few open bugs and no active maintainer
  • Work on cleaning up special casing for simulators, ideally we should be able to use the same voice files for sim and target
  • Set PCM buffer size to what is actually needed. Some targets use less than 10% of their PCM buffer.
  • The EQ, colour chooser and keyboard screens need converting to viewports so they can have the statusbar shown
  • e200patcher / sansapatcher have a dependency on libusb, it should be easy to build on OSX (PPC/x86) (and windows?)
  • Make the battery meter able to automatically recalibrate itself by observing previous discharge cycles and updating it's own calibration curve

Core on Rockbox as an Application

Plugins & Codecs

  • Check codecs for playback position overflow problems on long tracks, and fix it. See 54ef3066101e68a9058e98ba8498d1a7ffce8ba9 for an example.
  • Rewrite the MP4 parser to not require saving offsets of all "mp4 samples" to save even more memory.
  • Write a standard library for bitstream access and huffman coding
  • Convert ffmpeg AAC-HE code to fixed point and drop into libfaad
  • Replace AC3 IMDCT with rockbox IMDCT library
  • Make an attempt to clean up the midiplay plugin and perhaps turn it into a full-fledged codec. This may (or may not) require fixing the playback system to handle different sample rates.
  • Improve makefiles and codec API so that all rockbox plugins can be compiled separately from rockbox for testing or use by other software
  • Implement an EQ calibration plugin that plays tones and allows adjustment of the EQ in order to calibrate for different headphones
  • Replace Lua's fixed-point only support with LNUM (


  • Fix to build the simulator install directly instead of having to copy it at the end.
  • Updating all manual plugin pages with information from the Wiki, then removing those Wiki pages
  • Show transfer times on the developer build page
  • Invent a way to clean up old obsolete plugins and codecs, possibly based on API version. Maybe a task for rbutil or disktidy (or both).
  • Add a blog style "News" section to the website like various other open source projects (XBMC, Ktorrent, etc).
  • Migrate themesite over to a "real" database (ie ditch sqlite, purely for performance reasons)

Achievements of Mr Someone

  • Invent/implement some kind of voice versioning (see FS#8886)
  • Clean up the firmware/target/arm folder structure - currently a mix between the old (real-manufacturer) structure and the refined arm-subarch structure
  • Remove malloc from libfaad (optionally can be compiled without them thanks to Buschel)
  • Clean up watermarking. Watermarks should not be defined by codecs, and should be time rather than space based. Also use much lower watermarks when having flash storage. (Thanks to Björn Stenberg)
  • The theme site. (kudos to rasher)
  • The screendump function for the Sansa Clip needs to be looked at; currently screendumps do not come out in the yellow/blue color scheme of the Clip's LCD. This should be fixed so the Clip manual can have proper screenshots. (kudos to Jens Arnold)
  • Replace strncpy() with strlcpy(). (kudos to Nils Wallménius)
  • Speculative parallel builds (Thanks to Daniel and Björn Stenberg for the new wonderful buildsystem)
  • Clean up HAVE_MULTIVOLUME for targets with multi storage capacity: FS#9545 (Thanks to Frank Gevaerts!)
  • Introduce a real malloc for tremor so that we don't waste hundreds of KB on unfree'ed buffers: FS#10466 (Done by Magnus Holmgren)
  • Look into updating to gcc 4.3.x or 4.4.x in order to take advantage of ARM and Coldfire improvements (Thanks to Thomas Martitz (ARM) and Nils Wallménius (Coldfire))
  • Try to merge JPEG, PPM, PNG and BMP into one image viewer (Great work Teruaki Kawashima!)
  • Convert ffmpeg WMA Pro codec to fixed point (Thanks to Mohamed Tarek)
  • Look into rewriting FS#8806 as a codec (or set of codecs). This would improve MOD playback somewhat and add support for a lot of chiptune formats. As an alternative, work on improving and committing the plugin version, which works well and provides chiptune details and settings that would be difficult to add to the WPS. (Plugin version committed.)
  • Runtime detection of ipod video memory size, making one build work for all ipod videos.

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