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Rockbox on Insignia NS-DVXG


This page is for gathering information for a Rockbox port to Insignia NS-DV player. It should be noted that the iRiver X20 is nearly identical and is able to run the NS-DV firmware with slight modification ( see here)

Dismantled Photos

The following photos are from an NS-DV2GC. The NS-DV2G is physically identical:

Components (NS-DV2GC)

Part Part Number Manufacturer Datasheet
CPU TCC8200 Telechips  
FM Radio TEA5767 Philips Semiconductors / NXP Semiconductors Download
Audio Codec TLV320AIC23B Texas Instruments Download
16 MB (4Mx32bit) SDRAM CMS4A32? Coremagic / Fidelix Download
64K I2C? Serial EEPROM 24AA64 (Marked 4A64) Microchip Download
1GB Flash Chip (x2) K9L8G08U0M? Samsung Download
320x240 LCD   Varitronix  
r7 - 22 Apr 2010 - 01:40:31 - EdwinAmsler

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