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Philosophy: The current forum is ok. But there are a few flaws about its current layout that have been pointed out to me. One of the greatest is that the focus is on the hardware Rockbox runs on, rather than the software. Too many things get discussed in hardware-specific forums because people don't really see the intent of Rockbox to be hardware independent. A reorganization of the forums could not only divide infromation into better discussion-related categories (rather than hardware related) but also help shift the community's view of the software.

This idea is of course wholly up to discussion, and won't be implemented unless it's very widely agreed that these changes would be beneficial. There are definitely benefits to the way our forums are now, but I think I agree that some reorganization overall could improve the usability for the users, and the ability for developers to find relevant and useful discussion. While this proposal may not be the best way to do that, that's what a wiki is for. smile

Rockbox General

General Rockbox Discussion

Release announcements, general statements, and just general discussion

Feature Requests/Ideas

This forum will be to discuss feature requests and other ideas for improving Rockbox in general.


Discussion of WPS creation, etc. Of course the WPSes themselves should go in the gallery, but people seem to like to talk about 'em.



Bugs that seem to only occur during playback, and are most likely playback related, such as track-change bugs, etc.


Problems users have with the menuing system, such as getting stuck in menus, as well as things like the lack of responsiveness the Ipod UI is known to have.


Bugs with specific plugins


Bugs that users can't categorize. They can be moved if they are categorized.

Rockbox Development

New Ports

This will be what it is now.


For users to discuss plugins they're working on, etc.

Non-Plugin Patches

New features, etc, that people are working on, for example Album Art

External Apps

Installers, external DataBase generators, plugins for Foobar2k that let it sync with our DataBase, WPS editors, etc, etc.

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