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Guide to using objdump for disassembly


The necessary command line options for objdump always slip my mind so this is a page to make them get stored somewhere for later easy retrieval!


A standard ARM dissassembly for a raw binary file:

arm-elf-eabi-objdump -D --target binary -marm [file name]

To get the disassembly to use thumb-mode for the ARM instructions, add -Mforce-thumb:

arm-elf-eabi-objdump -D --target binary -Mforce-thumb -marm [file name]

To make the disassembly to assume ARM in big-endian mode, add -EB:

arm-elf-eabi-objdump -D --target binary -EB -marm [file name]

Double Checking Your Code

Add -g to the code's makefile, then

arm-elf-eabi-objdump -d path/to/ofile/in/build/dir > file.S

r5 - 02 Apr 2021 - 20:46:07 - UnknownUser

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