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Frequently asked questions about Rockbox on Olympus players

General Questions

What Olympus players does Rockbox run on?

Rockbox currently runs on the m:robe 100.

Functionality Questions

How do I start the Original Firmware?

After powering up the player press and hold the "Power" button once the m:robe logo appears. After the bootloader comes up the original firmware will get load.

Sliding the slider bar doesn't work

Rockbox currently doesn't use the bar as slider but splits it into three sections: Up, Down and Select. See the manual for details about the button mapping.

My player crashed. How can I reset it?

The m:robe 100 has a reset button. It's a small hole left of the USB connector. Using a paperclip usually works best.

Installation and Recovery Questions

I've installed a broken build / bootloader. How can I access USB?

Plug in the USB cable. Now reset the player using the reset button. The player will now load its internal USB mode. This will also work if you installed a broken build or bootloader.

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