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The m:robe MR-100 is a DAP similar to the iPod mini. It's based on the PortalPlayer 5020 chip and a 5GB microdrive. It features an 160x128 LCD with a red LED backlight. Its front face has a touch pad (manufactured by Synaptics, Inc) for the controls and it is also illuminated with red LEDs. The touch pad contains a vertical slider for scrolling.

The official Olympus press release for the m:robe MR-100 used to be here:

Note: Olympus has discontinued the entire m:robe product line.


Full installation and uninstallation instructions for all supported devices are in the Rockbox manual.


Rockbox compiles for sim and target and all major features work. However there are still some issues that need work:

  • tweak touchpad sensitivity
  • support for remote

Known Bugs

  • RTC fails occasionally when button repeat is used

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