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Other Projects Named Like Ours

Many other projects use the name Rockbox or a name very similar to Rockbox. Here's a little list:

LeRockBox is an online music magazine

Rocbox is a harddisk-based portable mp3 player.

Rockbox is a car stereo CD player.

RockBOX is a flash-based portable mp3 player.

Rockbox Records is a record company.

Rockbox is a "High Level Line Converter"

Rockbox is a "a five piece band from New Orleans LA"

RockBox is a guitar amp package

RockBox is a mp3 jukebox program for Windows developed by Softjock

Rock Box is a 5 piece band from Denmark.

Rockbox Electronics is a designer and manufacturer of custom amplifiers, effects and accessories for guitar and bass.

Rock Box is a phreaking box, used to transmit music over telephone lines

RockBox is a torrent site/tracker catering to rock and metal.

Rockbox Is a Swedish radioshow about hard rock from the late 1980's.
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